Carnivore Diet Shopping Haul ~ 'Meat + Milk' Eat What Your Body Craves!

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I’m in my mid-fifties, and in 2017 switched from a high-carb, low-fat whole-foods, plant-based diet to a very low-carb, high-protein & fat, Ketogenic / ‘HyperCarnivore Diet’ to improve my health. I had growing fatigue, was very hypoglycemic, borderline diabetic, had ongoing sinus and digestive issues, was prematurely aging, plus, I had excess body fat that never went away while eating a vegan diet. I share how we eat, our bodybuilding training sessions put together by my husband, Coach Don (Full Range Strength) and other tidbits for becoming a Strong Spirited Person, in body, mind & heart.

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  • Somerset Girl

    I agree wholeheartedly about 'not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.' My aim is to buy the highest welfare, least processed, local foods available to me on my budget. Some is organic some not. I even manage to do well on pasteurised milk (not homogenised) which I make into a sort of kefir yoghurt. It's a balancing act, budget where I can, spend more in other areas.

  • CigarSmoke77

    I love your video, you're so right, I have been seeing so many videos that speak negatively about the carnivore/low carb diet. 20 something years ago, when I was in the Air Force, I tried eating low carb and I lost so much weight and I felt great. Unfortunately I began listening to the negativity and quit the diet. And ever since I did I have struggled with my weight. Now I'm in my 40s and I just started back on a Carnivore/Keto Diet and I am already seeing results. So no more listening to the negativity surrounding low carb. If you don't like the diet then don't do it. But as for me, I am Ketivore for life

  • Ronald Perez

    Great video yes local would be best but yes grass fed meats is free of antibiotics added hormones also the animals live a much healthier life and since they eat what they’re supposed to they are much much healthier which is much better quality meat to us however I love this video

  • Christoph Dollis

    I used to comment on Don's blog when it was Paleo, but then it went heavily plant-based and irrational, and I lost interest in it.

    Then **I** went heavily plant-based and irrational!

    I'm glad to see we've all returned to appreciating the food humans evolved on.

  • Carol Smith

    Thank you so much for this video. I considered the Carnivore Diet, but worried that I couldn't afford the expensive meats that were recommended. What you said freed me! Now I'm sure that I can do this again, like I did when I was younger. I tried going vegetarian and felt no improvement. Like I've said before, I guess if I want to feel like I did in my 20s, maybe I should eat like I did back then.

  • Christopher

    Hi, have you tried RAW milk? My gut tells me you will have even less allergy issues with RAW milk. You will be blessed with a beautiful farm so you can raise your own stock.

  • Anna Grinberg

    Hi Tracy! I noticed that when I eat only meat, eggs, fish and dairy, I develop heart palpitations, my hands are sort of shaking, and I am also extra hungry and crave fruits. Is it a normal feeling at the beginning of a carnivore diet? What would you recommend for me to do? Thank you.

  • Maranatha

    I need to apologise. I came on your channel a couple of months ago after having watched Dr Shawn Baker's video on his blood test. I was a committed vegan at the time and remembered you from when you were vegan. I think I was shocked that you were no longer following that diet and the self righteous side of me rose up in defence of my diet. You were gracious and responded in a non judgemental way and that really spoke to me. I have spent many hours researching and watching videos of others who have left veganism behind. On Sunday of this week I decided to walk away from the vegan diet after four years. After struggling for months with IBS symptoms, slow wound healing from a burn and then watching a video about vitamin K2 and how vegans are deficient in that I had to admit that my diet was doing me no good. I ate fish for the first time in years and it felt so healing for me. I don't know that I am ready to embrace a carnivore diet, right now eating fish is such a big deal. I evolved in to an ethical vegan over the years and the indoctrination is a big thing. I also bought eggs, cheese and butter but that is it for now. It is a long road back for me. My husband is still vegan and that breaks my heart as I was the one who converted him in the first place. Now he is more vegan than I ever was. I just hope that the blinkers come off his eyes. His psoriasis is the worst I have ever see it and I know that the diet is the culprit.
    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for sharing the message in a non hostile way. The seed was planted and thankfully I allowed it to grow.

  • Jill 4 Today

    I swear, you get killer prices on your meats. I also purchase the frozen burger patties…they are wonderful, easy and so convenient. I'll grill up a bunch of them at one time, freeze them and they pull them out as needed.

  • FremenChica

    I thought youd like to know that we Arizonans can get raw milk, cream, and kefir from Fond du Lac Farms at Sprouts, now. It's very good and reasonably local. It is traditionally farmed with heritage, A2, cows. It is wonderful for a treat once in a while. Cheers.

  • Cookie Lu

    my digestion is messed up and im constipated even on whole plant foods, im starting to get chicken broth back in my diet to see if a constant burning pain will stop on my upper left abdomen. i feel fustrated, thanks for your tips.

  • Beating Obesity

    The carnivore lifestyle is simply the best thing I've ever done for my body and mind. My approach is pretty simple; 2 to 2.5 lbs of meat per day, plenty of salt, mineral water, pork rinds and two squares of very dark chocolate, no supplements. I'm 59, run more than 30 miles per week and feel like a kid again . Meat rules!

  • Tee Dee

    I wanted to add that I appreciate your attitude about wanting everyone to just be happy and eat what they feel is best. The vegan vs meat eater debates are getting annoying and it just stresses me to see all the insults and name-calling. If someone tries to assert something that I know is blatantly false, that's different and I will speak up, but for the rest of it, I'm done following carnivores who seem to relish the fighting and insulting. Just eat what makes you happy and let everyone do the same. I have no choice but to be a carnivore right now and if it bothers anyone, they can skip over anything I post and move on..

  • Tee Dee

    Be grateful if you're still able to handle dairy. I could handle it until my late 50's then started getting bad reactions and had to drop it. I miss it once in a while, but eating carnivore is so satisfying there are very few real cravings, if any…

  • Chrystal Thornton

    Love your common sense approach to eating what is available. If we were all raw purists, we couldn't find most of the foods we enjoy now in unpasteurized form. Frankly, I doubt a little heat ever hurt the quality of these delicious foods.

  • Jimi Awake

    thank you. ! love the videos. Do you think gaining muscle is slower without carbohydrates? still want to gain some weight. greetings…for your Magnesium i can recommend applying magnesiumoil, i get incredible effects from it

  • Keith Barbaro

    I think cows actually would like to eat more than just grass.

    It's said that grass is their natural diet but we have domesticate cows for so long that they are removed from corn, wheat, rice and other foods.

    At Whole Foods, I am amazed at the marbling of the pasture raised steak that is not "grass fed". It happens to be cheaper but wow the marbling.

  • DeeDee M

    i also noticed my post nasal drip going away after a couple days stopping plant diet. totally unexpected and what a relief. also i no longer have goop in my eyes in the mornings.

  • DeeDee M

    Hi. just found your channel. i actually found your husbands first. im newly ex vegan and related to his struggle on the diet which he shared on another channel.

    may i ask why you are not using grass fed, organic, pastured products? i though that was the in-thing to do if consuming a lot of animals products because farmed being unhealthy. i would really like to hear your prospective. im 7 days post vegan diet. been doing sort of keto. it is so expensive. i may be able to manage but it will be a struggle. i was calculating what it would cost to go carnivore if i were to use the grass fed, organic, pastured products and i would not be able to afford it. thank you in advance.

    *edit… silly me. all i needed to do was finish watching the video …lol 🙂

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