• Guerino

    I wish people would stop attacking sugar and fruit sugar in particular. It's all about context. The only thing that matters is insulin sensitivity. If you are insulin sensitive on the diet that you are following that is all that matters, period!!!

  • Ryan Walthuis

    its the exclusion of bad things where people see the benefits of Carnivore. There are far better ways of eating. There is a reason your brains preferred fuel source is carbs. balance is Key. Keto is good intermittently, not to be used as a sustainable diet.

  • Adrian McGhee

    To be certified organic, you do pay a fee, every time you get recertified or certified to begin with. You take a Soil sample of each field and send it off to your state's soil/agriculture department for testing. If there are ANY traces of chemicals NOT on the USDA approved list, then you can't retest for 3 years.

    Source: my agriculture degree from MTSU (Tennessee). Our Ag department's research farm won't go USDA Organic due to the fee and the restrictions (i.e. once you're "organic", you can ONLY use pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers they have on their approved list. Use of ANYTHING not on that list will show for around 3 years on a soil test and would cause you to lose your certification).

  • Matt L

    Can someone please link a study that shows that a diet high in meat and animal products increase health and longevity in the long term. Because I have asked allot of people and nobody has ever provided that for me. I'm not hating, I'm just curious, I have always looked at the seventh day Adventists or people on the island of ikarus who live 10 years longer then the average American eating a high plant based diet. The okinawans also used to have the highest life expectancy in the world eating a high plant based diet and the life expectancy has decrease as they have increased there meat consumption. This is always how I have looked at things, a high plant based diet is best for health and longevity in the long term, but if there is evidence to the contrary, I am always looking to expand my knowledge base. I don't have any auto immune disorders, but even if I did, is there a difference between a plant based low carb or mono diet or fasted diet and an animal based one? No anecdotes please, just studies.

  • John Snow

    To me it seems that there is an evil conspiracy trying to kill large swaths of idiots by overdosing them with saturated animal fats & cholesterol. They might succeed, or?

  • Peace ☮

    I made it 3 days on the all meat diet and by night time I felt like my heart was going to stop. I mowed down an entire Costco pizza. I immediately felt better. I wish I would have chose a salad or something but I panicked so bad.

  • Mystereo

    Yah but I don't think this cat was doing it all correctly. It's anything from animals. Including cheese, eggs. Shrimp, pork BACON MMMMMM (just has hella salt) jerky. So you just keep changing it up. He's literally been eating just steak and burgers. I have been on it for 4 days and I actually love it. I was so hardcore about all this greens and ish. I would get tired. I have yet to be tired (I keep a thing of beef jerky with me and nibble on it throughout the day). Seems to be working. And I was a fucking mental mess before this. So. Hopefully it works. I do miss apples though!

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