carnivore put my binge eating/food addiction into remission…until I tried adding back in non-carnivore keto foods


Anyone else experience a total remission of their binge eating on carnivore? I’ve struggled with BED for about a decade, starting after I developed anorexia at age 19/20. I’m fed up, to put it mildly. I have been keto for a few years and that majorly helped my binge eating and took my bulimia away- I honestly believe that I would have died or be a lot sicker if I didn’t find keto. Having said that, keto never fully took the binges away; I went from SERIOUS binges once or twice a week (usually purging through vomiting or overexercising) to just a smallish binge about once a week on ‘healthy’ keto foods like nuts, nut butters, keto treats. Still enough to keep me rather soft around the edges and very, very lonely and depressed.


I seriously committed to carnivore on 26/12/18. I managed to stay ‘clean’ for over 60 days. This was incredible for me, as prior to that the longest I had gone in a decade without bingeing was roughly twenty days. My body composition really improved too. Meat and eggs are literally the only two foods I cannot and have not binged on. (I’ve even bitten into a stick of unsalted butter before). It was a really emotional process for me, finally having freedom. I started to take interest in things besides food and my self-esteem was really starting to improve remarkably. I really think other foods just trigger me- both because of their addictive nature/physiological effect, and also the psychological stress caused by trying to maintain normal eating patterns when you have a history of an eating disorder. Does anyone else find having to try to come up with meals and ingredients etc etc kind of overwhelming and triggering? I really fucked with my appetite when I was anorexic and now I really struggle to read hunger cues. Carnivore was just a totally different experience. All the anxiety went away, the food was simple and always satisfying- once you’re done eating meat you’re done eating meat. I also found it a lot easier to stick to OMAD which was important for me- I always binged in the evening (after white-knuckling it through the day) so being able to just eat one big, satisfying meal at the end of the day has been so good. I know a lot of people on carnivore talk about not eating straight before bed but for me it’s a worthwhile trade off- if I eat too early in the day or try to break up my meals I get distracted by food, anxious, struggle to focus on other things and usually overeat.


Unfortunately, I’m now sitting here with a biiiiiiiig swollen belly. I’m currently on day two of a really serious binge, the worst I’ve had in months. I went out and bought a whole lot of non keto foods to binge on (only done that a handful of times since keto); buns, cereals, pop tarts, cookies, burgers, ice-cream and i’m picking at it. Why? It started with introducing in non-carnivore foods. I decided to jump on the ‘meat and bricks’ bandwagon (made by the Keto Savage and his gf) after seeing a bunch of keto-ers doing it online. I thought that I could handle it, as I’d been doing so well and the ‘meat and bricks’ diet is similarly simplistic. Unfortunately, without even realising what was happening, I lost control. I binged on stuff that I had in my house, and then I had to go out and get more. I haven’t been able to climb back on the bandwagon just yet. Happily enough I have found that I now find all that sugary food pretty revolting and tasteless (the sugar feels like it’s burning my mouth actually)…and yet I cannot stop eating it.


Not looking forward to waking up all fat and depressed tomorrow with a mouth that feels like it’s been lying in the Sahara Desert (or do I mean dessert?!) for 100 years. I really have no choice but to go back to carnivore. Not that I’m mad about it- it’s the only breath of fresh air i’ve had in the past decade, plus it’s bloody tasty. It just goes to show the power of food. As a side note, one thing I’ve also realised is that while meat doesn’t make me binge, overly processed meat can. This really scared me at first, as I thought maybe I’d just had a honeymoon period on the diet and the magic had worn off. Thankfully not, but it just means that i cannot eat jerky or pemmican either. I really need to stick to whole, unrefined foods.


Just wanted to share my experience. In my experience carnivore DOES work…so long as you don’t try to do carnivore + other stuff. in my opinion, binge eating is caused mainly by addictive foods. the initial decision to eat such foods is a conscious choice (as you are not yet under their chemical influence) probably driven by psychological factors- in my case in this circumstance it was driven by an acute stress and overall low self esteem (and NOT the carnivore diet, I want to make that clear). but the act of continuing to eat beyond satiety and enjoyment that characterises binge eating in my opinion is due the addictive properties of the foods, NOT psychological problems. no question.


I’d be interested to hear the experiences of others. There was another thread similar to this on here but it’s now closed…just wanting to reignite the discussion given how the carnivore community has grown in recent months. Much meaty love to anyone struggling with this problem, happy to chat on here or via DM.


EDIT: Just want to make it clear that this is my subjective experience, I understand that binge eating is different for everyone and I’m not trying to explain to people what is causing their binge eating. Equally so, I don’t really need people explaining to me why I am binge eating, although I do appreciate the insights of others. I am aware of the book ‘Brain over Binge’, it helped me stay binge free for 20 days but wasn’t a cure all. This is a multifactorial problem.


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