Discover Why Alkaline pH Food Is Recommended


Eating a balanced meal will help you to lead a healthy life. But the question is: what is a balanced meal? The alkaline and acid ash in our body should be at a ratio 80% alkaline and 20% acidic. Similarly the food we consume should be in the similar ratio so as to keep the body pH at 7.4. Consuming alkaline pH food will open the doors of a healthy and long life.

Alkaline food is highly beneficial to the body. Apart from helping to prevent a large number of diseases, it also helps in curing them. Many doctors today recommend that patients suffering from cancer and arthritis consume an alkaline pH food diet along with their medications. Such a diet helps patients cleanse their system of toxins and hence the body does not stay susceptible to various viruses.

Vegetables and fruits are alkalizing foods. These foods are not only nutritious but also healthy. Several recipes which include various vegetables can be found on the net. Each and every person can find something to suit his or her taste buds. What is essential is that food with a pH level in the alkaline range should form about 80% of our daily food intake. Depending on the season and the part of the world that one lives in, vegetables can be chosen to substitute the meat intake. A good way to pick such vegetables is to look for green vegetables. Green vegetables are high alkaline foods. Try including as many greens as possible. But this is not to say that only green vegetables are alkaline pH food. Tomatoes, eggplants and turnips are also alkaline in nature.

One must watch for certain vegetables though. The tip of the asparagus which is white is acidic and so should be snipped off before the rest of the asparagus is used. Spinach which is alkaline pH food, when cooked becomes acidic and so care should be taking that as far as possible it should be consumed raw. Raw vegetable salad is another such food and so one must have a bowl full every day. Vegetable broth and fresh vegetable juice both are alkaline foods. Mostly all fruits are alkaline pH food too. Save for cranberries which are acidic one should have two to three helpings of fruit in a day. Apples, banana's, lemons, melons and dates are all alkalizing foods. Take care to wash all the vegetables and fruits with great care so that you do not carry harmful germs into your body.

Honeys, almonds, olive oil, are all foods that have a pH in the alkaline range. Wheat grass and sprouts are very healthy and do great service for the body. Herbal teas and lemon water should Substitute all other beverages. Alcohol and soda are highly acidic foods. Meats are also acidic in nature.

Having alkaline pH food has manifold benefits. One gains health and energy. The life span gets a boost and those undesired and extra pounds can be gotten rid of with ease. When on an alkaline pH food diet one can see and feel the difference with few weeks. Having alkaline pH food is a way of life, and a healthy life.


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