“One meal a day” question


Ive given a carnivore diet a few runs thus far, my longest 4 months consecutively last spring/summer.

I’m on day 13 now. I was feeling very full after most meals so I decided to try for one meal a day. Yesterday morning at 9 I had around a pound of ribeye cooked in bacon grease, 5 pieces of bacon and 2 eggs. I couldnt finish the steak so I saved it in case I got hungry….i did have some coffee with cream after.

I woke up at 7am still not hungry. I made a ribeye the same size, one egg and 4 pieces of bacon thinking I could finish the steak plus yesterdays steak but I ate even less. I just wasnt hungry enough still. And now I have a headache 🙁

I’m a 5’3 woman 136lbs. I’m not doing this for weight loss though that’s a tangible plus I do enjoy. I feel better eating this way….OMAD would fit amazingly into my lifestyle but I’m wondering if it might be impossible for me to eat enough in one sitting to sustain me through the day. Do i just need to wait til I’m hungry to eat? Eating in the am is just ideal for me haha I’d love to find a way to eat every 24 hrs. Thanks!


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