Carnivore diet- Dog slaves, vegan shenanigans






  • jacob shears

    this seems like some conspiracy stuff can you provide evidence, the animals people eat are actually enslaved, tortured and killed, different from your pets I'm assuming. What real evidence do you have that a well planned vegan diet is unhealthy?

  • Louise Olausson

    I’m a 47 year old swedish woman. I had a partial colonectomi ( only 1/3 left) in 2015 due to cancer. I wasn’t overweight, not a smoker and had no heridity for this disease. Now in dec 2018 the cancer is in almost complete remission, because of immunotherapy. Now I want to try to go carnivore. Do you think this is a bad Idea for someone like me who has very little colon left?
    (Sorry for my bad english)

  • Cristy Brown

    Can you do some kind of research on the rise of food allergies in the US? And the effects of food allergies on health. My food allergies that I was found to have as a baby were ignored. I found out as an adult that my family knew I was allergic to everything but they didn't know what to do about it. I believe gout is an allergic reaction to specific foods a person is allergic to, NOT dietary uric acid. A man in Mexico realized it was FRUIT that was causing his gout. His YouTube video talk about this free for anyone to see. My son gets gout if he has tomato sauce. Dr's think this is nuts but we can demonstrate it. The carnivore diet is solving problems for people, I believe, because it eliminates a food allergy they may not know they have. No one will listen.

  • Tee Dee

    I hope they never try to tax meat because they'll be in for a fight. In Canada, we're being told that our grocery bill will be 400+ dollars more in 2019, but the good news for carnivores is that the price increases are going to be for vegetables and here's a quote that blew my mind: "For the first time in its nine-year history, the report is predicting that both meat and seafood will be cheaper." 😉 So, there's a bit of hope, yet..

  • Thoughts Create Reality As You Go Along

    The truth is that the psychopath rulers of our world are pushing the carnivore diet like crazy on the population because more and more people are going vegan. The truth is that the conspiracy is the opposite of what these keto meat pushers are talking about. The goal of the conspiracy is not to make you a vegan, the goal of the conspiracy is to keep you eating meat as much as possible especially meat from slaughterhouses and tortured animals because that meat has the most negative energy associated with it. Metaphysically, an all meat diet brings you down to the lowest vibration possible and leads to the worst karma in this life or the next and the slaughterhouse meat of course eventually leads to the worst of the worst karma. The carnivore diet is a psyop used to confuse people who are waking up to the world and conspiracy. Shills are put in place on Youtube and comment sections to promote the diet and lie about what the conspiracy really is all about. Please don't fall for this nonsense.

  • kbkesq

    Shawn makes a dramatic and seemingly salient point that Hong Kong consumes a ton of meat and yet has longest lifespan. However he leaves out that that is a very recent trend.

    I don’t have a link to longer term stats but I assure you that with their newfound affluence, they will suffer the diseases of affluence just as in the rest of the western world. There’s nothing particularly protective about their lifestyle otherwise and one should expect to see dramatic increases in diabetes and heart disease and cancer. But these can take a decade or two to start dropping life expectancy just as USA life expectancy just started declining in recent years.

  • Phil Escott

    Pretty useless slaves, Shawn. You still have to drive your own car. Get them trained up better. They also look way too healthy. Get them on some proper kibble. You're putting vets out of business.

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