The latest podcast from Joe Rogan featured Mikhaila Peterson, whose SEVERE auto-immune issues led her down a path to ultimately an “all-meat” carnivore diet consisting solely of red meat and salt. The Carnivore diet has been getting more publicity lately and is peaking interest as to why so many people trying this style of dieting are finding the effects to be profoundly positive.

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  • Edina Dobran

    I honestly never tried carnivore diet because I was never able to eat meat or any other animal product without bread or potatoes it was just making me feel nauseous and also I had a period when I felt really sick after consuming chicken a few times in a row so I don’t really crave it what I would say is that I like a good beef stew or meatballs but not made out of minced meat from supermarkets ✌️

  • foul mouth troll

    Hi good day: let me say this for this one time and one only. THERE'S NO FUCKING HEALTH BENEFITS IN EATING DEAD ANIMALS. PERIOD. Now you have a nice day. AND ONE MORE THING BEFORE I FORGET, MEAT EATERS SHIT STINKS. Bye for now.

  • Jenny Lang

    The carnivore diet is one of the few diets that is actually dumber than keto and vegan both. I'll see you when your teeth fall out, lady–which will happened if you do this dumb crap long enough.

    If I ate what I craved, it would be…pretzels and cookie dough. And NO, I don't get any inflammation with either of these things. My cholesterol is great. My blood pressure is great. My inflammation markers are super low. But it's STILL A BAD DIET, so I don't let myself live off them.

  • Pepper Conchobhar

    I went to carnivore from keto. With keto (and medical treatment) I lost weight, but it didn't touch my autoimmune and GI issues. Carnivore has been a miracle for me.

    I'm actually getting a freaking break from my symptoms to the point where I can now identify things that cause problems. Before, there was just too much noise. Now I know that paint and hair dye are problems for me. Most food additives are a problem. All fiber. Sadly exercise triggers my myositis and I'm trying to work around that now. (The doc wants to start me on chemo as the next step and I don't know if that'll hurt more than it'll help.)

    The thing about this is that I really do believe that it was my plant-heavy diet that caused me to get sick in the first place. I steadily ate the recommended 7-9 cups of plants a day for decades. Went through phases with tons of juicing. At first, I felt fantastic. Reached my fittest, lowest adult weight while eating low-fat, high-carb, tons of veg and fruit. It worked great…

    … until it didn't.

    I don't think that everyone should be eating carnivore, but we definitely OD on plants. Eating lots of meat and fat as a foundation and a little bit of produce in season is probably a good place for most people to be. Paleo or primal makes the most sense.

    But carnivore is the best rescue that I've found yet. And I mean the best over everything. I'd give up my medications before I gave up this diet. It saved me from the colostomy bag I'd be getting right about now. Saved my liver. Healed the hole that was being carved into my esophagus by my own immune system. And I'm down 78 pounds as of this morning.

    I recommend it for any adult. (With a vitamin C or a little berries every day) But I really, really urge anyone with autoimmune or digestive issues to give it a serious try.

  • Gaia Seraphina

    From where do this wannabe-werewolves get their vitamin c? Because real carnivores' bodies can produce it. Humans cannot. And if you're lacking vit. c you get a sickness called "scurvy".

  • Ebony

    I think with any elimination diet it’s hard to get the right nutrients, but with something like a vegan and vegetarian diet there is enough variety that you can get the vitamins you need. Carnivore diet sounds like a bad idea for your kidneys tbh

  • Sheri Wilson

    I've been carnivore for about a year now. Lost 50kg (a little over 100lb) and feel fantastic. I agree that people should do what works for them and I'm just glad I found what works for me.

  • pistol annie

    I’m working my way to carnivore. Currently 5 on – weekend standard keto. I am getting that craving you speak of. I pace by the door waiting on my ribeyes from butcherbox

  • Broke_ N _Barz

    Ah, you made a video for my birthday.
    I’d be interested in your results. I’ve never tried it. My diet consists of chicken Brest and rice during the day, then eggs and grass fed beef at night with some sweet potatoes, bread product of some sort, and chopped up mushrooms/onions/peppers.
    Lost almost 50 pounds in the last year during my cut.
    But I’d love to see how you feel on that diet

  • Tirreger

    The thing with only eating meat is that it may work for a while (months maybe even years for some) but eventually your body will start to rot from the inside. As you are not giving your intestines what they need to function properly which will end in your food not being "eliminated" anymore and being "stuck" inside of you.

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