Carnivore Diet – Week 2 – Weightloss – Female Health – Painless Periods – Hygiene – Ethical Meat

Week 2 on my Carnivore Diet journey!

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  • R C

    The change in your breath is a sign that you're in ketosis, which means you're burning fat, a good thing! If you carry a water bottle, add a drop of peppermint oil to it & take a sip when needed if you have dry mouth/bad breath. I had periodontal disease severe enough to have had 2 surgeries for it as an adult. Since going Carnivore, my gum pockets have shrunk, plaque has reduced, I have no inflammation or bleeding, no dental problems at all. I brush with homemade toothpaste twice a day, that's it.

  • Tracy ycarT

    I am ssssoooo glad you made this video. Been doing carnivore for a little over a month. I was Keto before that and I really loved it. Helped me a lot with my digestion and weight loss but it made me skinny fat. I was binge watching youtube when I fell upon some carnivore channels. At the time I really had no interest in the carnivore diet but I was watching sv3rige's ex-vegan interviews for shits and giggles. I made the change after suffering from one of my normal migraines. I was having my eggs scrambled because I'm a stay at home mother of 5 and it was just easier since that is how the kids preferred them but this particular day I was like fuck it I'm having some fried eggs and I'm leaving the yolk runny. Eggs are a staple for me. My migraine went away immediately. I felt it wash over my brain. I was blown away. On to my point though. Normally before I get my period I will have a crippling migraine.This time nothing. Normally I am hemorrhaging blood and have to be near a toilet. Not this time. No crazy mood swings,no cramps and I usually get a cold sore in my mouth when I start my period.FREAKING NOTHING. I can't believe it. I realize this comment is extremely long but I am just overjoyed. I haven't noticed any benefits for my skin but my skin is not bad but I'm finally having muscle on my arms and feeling muscle in my abdomen. I have so much energy,I'm in a way better mood and I haven't been suffering from any neurotic or anxious moods like I used to even though Keto helped to curb that a lot too.I found your channel through the comments on Frank's. I love it. Keep doing what you're doing. I'm hoping to find more lady carnivore channels to watch!

  • Andygaro1 AG1

    I always had sensitive teeth, but on this diet i can brush them like 2-3times a week only and punch them as hard as i can now, and nothing happens…like marble now. Had some filling on a molar at the back that would get sore and larger ,and painful to the point i cldnt close my mouth properly and not able to chew on it….yep, u guessed it, now i can chew as hard as i can on it , zero pain. I find chewing gums help a lot to get rid of meat stuck at the back in hidden holes, ( i spit all the liquid out until it gets dry, never swallow any of it, the artificial sweeteners apparently are harmfull to the gut, killing all good bacteria) … and if i work the chewing gum well enough, i get rid of all bits ,and it helps with the breath thing. i know its gross, but when you're alone, just before you throw the chewing gum away, use your fingers to sqeeze it thru the teeth, pushing all meat out ,like flossing does, but a lot softer on gums :). take care:)

  • Kristina S

    Omg girl!! I had a first pain free period on a carnivore diet too! I didn't even think that was possible. No cramps and no breast pain. Also hands down healthiest period ever! Not gassy at all, ever.

    My feelings seem a bit more heightened. But I also feel a lot more general wellbeing.

    If it helps with teeth.. I started brushing teeth with olive oil and have no teeth issues whatsoever. My teeth are whiter than ever. Smoother than ever. My breath is normal. My mouth is clean. Just floss and go check out your teeth for general teeth health. The diet will bring out problems if they exist.

    If you're referring to acetic breath, that is a temporary symptom of being in nutritional ketosis which means you're burning fat and you have nothing to worry about. For most people this passes after a while.

    I kind of wanted to find problems with this diet and I simply have none. I'm a few months in. Feeling amazing. Weight dropping too.

    Ah.. yes. Vegetables do taste A LOT sweeter if I have any. I generally don't, but in two instances I did, it was quite surprising.

  • Robin Beers

    The funky smelling breath is a transition into ketosis thing and it will pass as long as you stay away from the carbs. Beta hydroxy butyrate production has the by product of acetone. That's what you are smelling. As your body gets better at using ketones for fuel, there will not be that excess spilling out into your breath. Your overall dental health will improve drastically. Plaque and tartar will become a thing of the past.

  • Lisa Di

    sugar is the enemy of your skin.. I found this out. the more I cut out the better…the hair and skin and energy results are pretty instant and I still haven't gone completely carnivore but you inspire me to go all the way

  • atheatos

    Regarding tooth health on carnivore…
    Well it is true that hard meat/fats always stuck on teeth. This can get really uncomfortable, I know.
    You can manage this really fast using a metallic tooth pick and flossing.
    Other than that, tooth health problems are minimal in carnivore even if you do not brush.
    You will get some plaque, but cavities and gum problems are usually not existent.
    This was also observed on indigenous groups that only eat animals and did not brush.
    So yes with carnivore, brushing is more of a philological or cosmetic thing, so even ones a day is ok I think.

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