Is Water Dangerous On The Carnivore Diet?? What To Drink Instead

Is water dangerous on the Carnivore Diet? What to drink instead

In this video I discuss the importance of consuming fluids while following a carnivore way of eating. Of course water is an essential part of our well being, but drinking it on its own can potentially be harmful on a zero carb diet. This is because when we start to lower our intake of carbohydrate, we lose our water weight and our body no longer retains sodium – meaning that we’ll become dehydrated faster. Drinking an excess of plain water can deplete our minerals and electrolytes, so we need to be careful and consume more hydrating components. Some of the products I mention in this video are: Unrefined Pink Himalayan Salt, Lemon Juice, Beef Stock, Grass-fed Butter, Green Tea and Fruit Tea. It may also be worth looking into supplementing with certain minerals, like Potassium and Magnesium.

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  • corrrect

    i found that when i stopped drinking water with meals everything balanced out. i drink 1 hr after a meal to not dilute my stomach acid so more nutrients are absorbed. at first it was tough waiting a hour because i was so use to drinking while eating, but when i became use to it i feel more hydrated. i usually drink about 20 oz of water when the hour is up, and i'm full, and hydrated for hours. food, and drinks don't even cross my mind.

  • Mrinal Kalita

    One of the great protagonist of carnivore diet, Ajonous Vonderplanetz says that its not water but fat that hydrates you. So if you are on this diet, make sure to keep your fat to protein ratio correct.

  • John Doe

    my medical condition makes me retain fluid, and i have to use diuretics. so i have to limit how much fluid i can drink throughout the day. i have felt dehydrated but that's because i can't go chugging lots of water and the meds are pulling it out of me.

    i salt all my meals and feel fine. if i had to guess, people experience what you're talking about because they're not getting enough salt. when i was deployed in iraq, we had some guys pass out because of the heat. a few of them were in better shape than i was, but they didn't salt their food, and they army wasn't telling guys to eat more salt.

    i think 1 tsp of salt = 5 grams (or) 2000 mg sodium. on the carnivore diet in a day i use around 1 Tbsp + of salt (15 grams or 6000 mg sodium). the finer the salt grains are the higher the numbers. i use mainly celtic salt.

    *even though my condition makes me retain fluid, it's not the sodium doing it; it's based off of my artery. i have subbed out all my added salt for potassium chloride (doctor's orders) before with zero effect on fluid retention (and it made me feel off). the only reason im on the carnivore diet is because the massive amount of protein plus the absence of carbs helps me regulate fluid in my body. i would say water and salt are your friend, but if you drink salt water it can cause diarrhea among other things.

  • Marika Niemi

    I have been carnivore since the beginning of October. I was very thirsty in the beginning and I had so dry lips. Then I was only using pink himalayan salt. Now I use a salt that has 30% sodium and 70% potassium. I know that it is processed but it has really helped me and I'm not that thirsty anymore. I live in Finland, so it is really cold now and that is why I only drink herbal teas as ginger, peppermint and basil.

  • Travis

    There's a natural spring by me it's an artesian spring when I get drink water from there I can drink a couple cups or 1 cup and be hydrated all day. The water that comes from the earth is way different

  • Ariff Jasmani

    I practise daytime dry fasting, and have breakfast in the evening, with raw eggs, boiled organ meats/meat/fish/chicken, and have some electrolyte drinks (pink himalayan salt, mineral water, coconut water). I also boil my food with a little apple cider vinegar, ginger, turmeric, Sri Lankan CEYLON cinnamon, etc.

  • Daniel McLean

    I think winter is a problem because most people have their thermostat set too high… Water isn't usually an issue for me, but during the week I had to sleep in a room that was warmer than I'm used to and needed water every couple of hours during the night and into the next day.

  • Christian Da Piedade

    I have issues with water, if I drink too much I get dehydrated headache and a rash. So I don't try drink much anymore. You should consider raw meat, all digestive issues go away if you stop cooking your food. Most issues are caused by rendered fat. Never really heard of anyone being constipated on this diet, more the opposite.

  • Lars Mith

    I drink "a bit" ( few ozs ) of RAW / UNPASTURIZED cow's milk.

    I drink ever-so-slightly more water than milk.

    I, too, notice some time of "weakness".

    I've used magnesium … till concerns mounted, there-with.

    I learned the IMPORTANCE of MASTICATING really well, including sloshing my milk around, in my mouth, trying to blend it well with saliva and have noticed improvements.

  • 1sweffling

    Like you I have to watch these things very carefully. I was told right at the beginning that i had to drink a lot or my kidneys would eventually become affected because it is so hard to be fully hydrated without a colon. Add the keto or carnivore way of eating into the mix and hydration is really hard. Not sure I've got it right yet but I drink two litres of water a day, as water, mineral water, decaff tea and decaff coffee. In each pint I add 1/2 tsp potassium citrate and 1/8 tsp sodium (celtic sea salt) and I take magnesium tablets three times a day. I do not do well with sodium, it gives me migraines, so I am careful with it. One source recommends 4:1 potassium:sodium ratio as being what we would have evolved with originally. I also take extra multi B vits because they get washed out so easily even though they are high in a carnivore diet. But I only eat meat once a day, I eat eggs for one meal and fish for the third if i am eating three meals a day: on the days when I only eat once or twice it is usually fish and meat, or eggs and meat. Trying not to get sensitised to eggs!! As it is, blood tests show my kidneys not doing well now, after 50 years with no colon: but my GP thinks this may be a false reading because I may just never be fully hydrated when the blood tests are done. Either way, it suggests that I haven't cracked it yet. We lose one litre of water each night just through sweating and respiration, which needs to be replaced early after waking: I am thinking of trying to drink that before breakfast as I do not think it is good to drink a large amount with meals. I'd be interested to learn how you go with this! Thank you so much for raising the subject. Oh yes, one more thing, sorry! When we are fat adapted and have body fat to burn, we do not need so much water because water is a byproduct of fat metabolism: but if we have very little body fat, then of course we will need more water as muscle does not store water as well as fat.

  • J B

    I drink a little over 1 litre of mineral water and 1 pint of raw milk kefir a day. I used to wake up during the night needing a drink but since I started the carnivore diet I don't wake up anymore. I tend to only drink around eating times although I hear that's not great for you. I have also had my colon removed

  • H Hh

    I started drinking mineral water a week ago. it's naturally carbonated and has a especially high mineral content inc potassium and magnesium content. I can't tell yet how it's affecting me. l I used to put Celtic salt in my water but then I started having it a few times a day in broth instead. I've also reduced my water intake and only drink pure water meaning I don't drink tea (histamines), coffee, veg juices,…like always your topic and take on it parallels my own selfcare!!

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