Organ Meats


Thoughts on organ meats?

I’ve been doing some research into which are good and I’d like some advice on to what people think.

From the most popular/common to the least are as follows:

Sweetbreads (tripe, kidney, pancreas)

My biggest concern with both tongue and brain are prions, essentially the things that cause mad cow disease. Cooking doesn’t get rid of them, so how exactly would I know if I’d be safe from them if I ate them?

If anyone has nutrition info on these or would like to suggest which I should eat more of I’d love to hear. I know brains and tongue are almost 1 for 1 on protein and fat and that’s kinda why I want to steer towards them, but at the same time with the potential for an incredibly dangerous disease I don’t know if it’s really viable to eat them period.


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