REBUTTAL: Joe Rogan/Dr. Shawn Baker Discussing the Carnivore Diet [Red Flag]

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Joe Rogan had Dr. Shawn Baker on his podcast to discuss the carnivore diet. This is a diet where people only eat meat. People report losing weight and during their bodies of autoimmune disease. The question is weather this diet is healthy or not.

I do not believe it is if you have to listen to anything I have said or written. The two greatest foods in the world are chlorella and spirulina in the best diet is a vegan raw food diet. An all meat diet is like the Atkins diet, just a diet that removes carbohydrates completely. This is not healthy since it throws the body into ketosis. Ketosis is not healthy.

Joe Rogan is a former MMA announcer and Famous for his career in mixed martial arts. He now runs a podcast called the Joe Rogan Experience which is one of the most popular podcast in the world. He had Mikhaila Peterson on his show talking bout the Carnivore Diet. 

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