The Carnivore Diet aka Zero Carb Diet – Day 3 Vlog | Headbanger's Kitchen

My carnivore diet or zero carb diet vlog – day 3. Steaks, Coffee, fried eggs and pork meatballs stuffed with chicken heart.

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  • Cheryl Taylor

    Have you ever made Scotch eggs? You should if you haven't. I make them out of small eggs and pork rind breading, and they are a perfect bite for snacks like your meatballs in this video.

  • john muyargas

    muscle mass plays a huge role in metabolism. so if your goal is to burn fat, then you have to build some muscle to maintain a healthy metabolism. basically, there is no diet that can replace the gym and vice versa. the two must coincide.

  • john muyargas

    bro, you are damaging your metabolism. the key is to raise your metabolism, not to kill it. you need to re-establish a higher caloric intake. if you are at 1100 that means your body has been in a state of prolonged starvation. that is why you are probably still skinny fat. no offense. i went through the same thing. if you are 5'4-5'7in in height, a healthy caloric need would be around 1700-2500 calories. your body will only recomp once you get back to eating on a surplus.

  • Eden Esmarosa

    I'd stay on my eating planned out as to wait til hungry. Hunger will eat with no warning and you will end up chasing it. I think the numbers is a guideline as a have to. Keeping up with numbers messes me up as to just have my meals and eat when hungry and have the foods available to eat. Yes mental and you can have a keto pizza after the experiment. I think just shaking the body up and losing weight is a good thing now and then. I have to say I'm enjoying your vlogs as always.

  • Kari Fanning

    While I was doing keto I was between 70 and 90g of protein…I'm now going between 130g and 220g of protein. I'm not checking my blood ketones all the time as those strips are costly, but thus far I have not left a state of ketosis. Gluconeogenesis is a natural process and I'm not sure it's something to really be feared. My ketones are notably lower, but that's to be expected with the higher amounts of protein. My blood glucose has stayed pretty low as well. Plus we need to keep in mind that we're not really chasing ketones…

    My first full day of eating ZC was 12/13/17 and by day 2 I was pretty tired of meat…today is the start of day 6 and now I crave it and look forward to it.

    Definitely ready for my electrolytes to balance out though–I'm trying to not supplement any except for salting my food and drinking about 1/4 tsp. I never wanted to experience this adaptation again lol

  • Sharon Peters

    Mental game … hello! That's the only thing about this way of eating that I truly wrestle with on this way of eating. So little is actually food or being hungry in the body … it is all of the meal times and snacks my head demands … l

  • Sharon Peters

    So glad you are asking these questions and musing about answers. I have the same questions … I am not zc, but I am very low carb =<15. No trouble maintain that, but am totally wondering about what is too much protein …

  • mubina shoaib

    Thanks a lot for ur reply
    Me and my husband doing these keto diet from 2weeks but we didnot loose even a kilo we are doing fasting diet too but no result plz tell me what we should do??any diet plans plz help us

  • mubina shoaib

    Hi dear i really need help plz guide me
    I just need to ask that if we r fasting in these keto diet are we allowed to drink bullet coffee and at lunch green smoothie ??and then dinner ??how should i do these fasting and what can eat or drink in these fastings??

  • Deep Doubts bout U

    Id think twice about a Joe Rogan endorsed diet …. I started watching one of his Podcasts where he was having a "serious" discussion about how mould and fungus could be Intelligent !!! TOOOO MAAANY MAAAAGIC MUUUUSHHROOOOMMS !!! Carnivore doesnt sound Healthy long term …. Youre just playing into the "hands " of the Mushroom Plot to stop people from making Mushrooom Omlettes !!!

  • blk bbw

    I always find I do best when my fat and protein are the same. 100g of fat & 100g of protein (which amounts to about 500g of lean beef) is quite ideal for me

  • Sumeet Moghe

    I've been eating when hungry and it's crazy how much zero carb/carnivore fills you up. On most days I've been eating just one meal a day and it may not be tough to believe that it's a struggle on some days to push that one meal down my throat as well. I'm putting it down to how satiating protein is and the heightened ketosis, but this lifestyle may just be the way out for world hunger!

  • Davida Braxton

    i only eat one or two meals a day. the second meal is very small because im not that hungry. i wanted to let yu know that when i eat my meat i always have some kimchi along with the meal. as far as how much protein it's about 3 ounces but to be honest i let my body determine how much because when the body is satisfied i stop eating the meat and use it as a left over for the next meal.

  • Tina Ambrosio

    I've done the Steak & Butter fast, I didn't lose a single pound and I felt weighted down. blah.
    I also did Ground beef & Butter and lost on that, almost a lb a day. Plus I enjoyed it much more.

  • Duke

    I stumbled across your channel about 6 months ago. In less than that time I've lost 5st (31kg) following your recipes, meals and ideas. Can't thank you enough matey. Good luck with the carnivore diet challenge, you can do it.

  • Kim & William

    Demand driven, yes. I would think your kidneys would suffer before gluconeogenisys would be a problem. Im sure it wont be an issue.
    Do you trim the chewy valves off the hearts?
    I would say eat primarily when you're hungry

  • David Bennett

    I still haven't received a satisfactory answer to the question of where are the vitamins coming from. Where are you getting vitamin C? Where are you getting vitamin A? There are a whole bunch more but you get the idea.

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