• Akm Haque

    Sounds like your country is slowly being occupied by diehard
    fake har-e-krishna vegans, a tribe in India that kills people just for eating
    beef or slaughtering cows. Over the past few years these fake vegan calves, which
    believe cow as their eternal Mom, have become so privileged that their
    government passed a bill in parliament recognizing Cow as the Mom of their
    Nation! I knew many of them who eat chevon, mutton, chicken and all dairy products
    except beef. The funniest thing is that they wear shoes and use other leather products
    that are made of their “Mom’s skin”.

    I had an obese Thai friend who at some point in time told me
    she is a vegan since she was 7 and later, she told me her Dad is from India and
    her mom is Thai and I didn’t even care to ask whether her Dad is a diehard
    har-e-krishna vegan. Be vegan is a religious motto of har-e-krishna tribe which
    no one ever cared in the past and for being such stupid people from across the
    world kicked them out of their territory and they fled to a place which they
    call “incredible” India, the one and only country on this earth for the idiots of
    har-e-krishna tribes.

    So, be careful about them when you hire them in your country
    for slavery.

  • kbkesq

    Meat tax is a liberal nanny state concept. I agree with the underlying science of meat causing disease. Shawn can’t debate it without also discarding all the studies he buys into.

    Of course meat raises risk of cancer and heart disease. We all can just feel how bad meat is for us.

  • bonchidude

    Mr. baker, ( 😀 ) A meat tax is great because that money can be used to treat people who get cancers, alzheimer's, parkinson's, heart disease and a whole host of meat and animal "product" related diseases. The meat tax needs to be around 25% and all subsidies to the meat "industries" and such need to be eliminated. Humans are herbivores folks. Please look up human anatomy vs the anatomies of TRUE omnivores and carnivores. Do you look like a raccoon (omnivore), or like a cat (carnivore) or more like one of the great apes? Ask yourselves this.

  • uliguguaffe

    Im very curios about this type of diet but unfortunatelly where i live (germany) good quality beef steaks are expensive as hell (about 25€/kilo). Do you guys think i would benefit in increaseing my meat intake while I still eat some veggies and carbs (potatoaes etc.)? Or does this type of diet work only with cutting out all of the carbs and fiber?

  • jballau

    Absolute we should tax meat, the reality is that it's very costly to the environment to eat meat. Just look at what happening in the Amazon rainforest, it's being deforested for the mainly for cattle grazing. Eating grass fed beef is one of the worst things you can eat in terms of environmental sustainability, that's a fact.

  • C Delorean

    These special interest groups and govt organizations are no different than mafia. They are parasites that want to "skim off the top" just like the mafia did way back in the day. They want to tax everything just for the sole purpose of creating a huge source of revenue they can pocket, while at the same time pushing forth with their agendas. The true end game if it continues progressively is for the population to be products of the state where the state dictates your wages, your diet, your healthcare, where you live, etc. No different than the former Soviet Union.

  • Özer Tayiz

    Shawn, the main fallacy you are making is, you dispute details and exact % values of how damaging animal farming is, which still doesn't dispute the fact that, animal farming is inherently damaging to the environment, and veganism undeniably better for the environment.

    You dispute to what degree, then act like there is no harm in farming animals. Some studies may show more harm to the environment, some studies show less harm to the environment caused by animal farming, but all studies show the fact that animal farming inevitably harms the environment, and veganism is still better for the environment.

    Here, not just 1 or 2, but 97 different sources showing you how much animal farming harms the environment. Are all of them completely wrong?


  • JHades Dev

    Legislation Is needed to prevent companies from selling addictive products full of sugar, fat and salt, like processed meat products. These products carry a heavy toll to society in terms of health care costs, so the companies profiting from it should pay a larger part of the costs. Also, instead of taxing meat why not start by stopping subsidising it. Most meat, dairy and eggs are sold at a fraction of their cost due to subsidies.

  • Mateo Groot

    What about your ecological footprint and all the animal suffering? Shouldnt you at least mention the hidden costs of meats? In the end all of society will pay for the costs of climate change due to all the methane that animal farming produces, burning of amazon rainforest to produce cattle feed, and overuse of land and water because meats require more resources than plant based foods

  • Ehud Kirsh

    When alcohol was prohibited – crime raised and there was a black market for it.
    Now that drugs are illegal, crime revolves around it and there's a black market of it.
    If meat will ever be illegal in the future, we'll get meat one way or the other.
    It's so hypocritical that left-wing vegans want to legalise drugs but prohibit meat. They realise that legalising drugs will actually reduce crime but fail to see that prohibiting meat will raise crime.

  • Geo Martin

    How about grains like soya, wheat and corn? All GMO and the foundation of the vegan diet. Are they taxed or subsidised? Am I paying for the mass production of grains with my taxes and then pay extra taxation on meat? Are we going to end up eating concentration camp diet?

  • Monte P

    Ethical conflict is not the same as being funded by powerful interest groups. Though they can exist at the same time. You can’t conflate the two in all scenarios. Cherry picking again to make your point Shawn?

  • tony j

    Either all food taxed or all food not taxed. Using Taxe pressure on some foods to change the dietary behavior of people especially at a time when the Government is beginning to realize they screwed up with their Dietary recommendations is kind of using people in some sort of grand experiment with results we are beginning to see as disastrous. But it's not only high taxes on certain foods that should bother us but also that anti-tax, subsidies on grains, soybeans, and corn…etc, this is had a greater effect on the American diet and has been the main culprit in the spread and proliferation of processed carbs and cheap imitation cooking oils.

  • Big Berber

    They are preparing the people to make it illegal for people to consume meat, reducing the population number at any cost that is the agenda. Meat will only be available or the elites

  • Giovanni Luigi Fabbri

    Good video as always man, for future reference could you link in the descriptions the studies you cite? Would be interesting to read more about that one study you said it was so biased they had to retract it

  • Gustaf Bodén

    Definitely! I’ll buy a shirt from you Shawn when you recognize not only meat, but also the tremendous importance of organs and dairy fats like raw butter.
    Eating just steaks does not mimic our natural eating patterns and more light needs to be shed on fat soluble vitamins and how we can get them from animal foods.

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