Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Carnivore Diet – What I Do [Sept. 2018]

In this video, I discuss how I split my meals and what I usually eat on the carnivore diet.

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  • jaelonquixote

    Cristi, I change things up periodically but this week I am eating ground beef patties wrapped in turkey bacon for lunch and a ribeye steak for dinner. I drink black coffee in the morning if I haven't slept enough the night before but am trying to restrict liquids to water only. I started testing the waters of carnivore around September 1 but didn't get serious until the 17th. So far I've dropped 18 lbs and have noticed improved energy levels, improved mood stability, reduction in IBS, improved recovery from workouts, improved sleep, increased drive, and overall sense of contentment.

    I don't count macros but have been trying to listen to my body and find that I regulate my consumption much better than a ketogenic diet, plant based diet, or clean/organic small portion meals. I typically eat twice a day but sometimes once and sometimes three times. My carb cravings were pretty horrible in the beginning but have greatly subsided.

    I started the carnivore diet for a combination of health improvement and weight loss. At the 30 day mark, I will get blood work done to compare the numbers to my last one.

    Thanks for sharing your travels with us!

  • AngeLife

    Hi Cristi, thank you for this informative video. My all-animal product diet has been ongoing since Aug 31st. It has almost become two meals a day if I don’t count BulletProof coffee, but maybe it should be counted, due to the 15ml MCT, 15ml butter and 30ml heavy cream I blend into 400ml of coffee. Lunch can be eggs/omelet with cheese, bacon, Genoa salami, or leftover dinner meat/poultry. I make dinner for myself and my husband. I’ll prepare a protein dish like baked lemon/garlic chicken, tandoori chicken, pork chops, grassfed ground beef goes into meatloaf, meatballs or hamburger patties with the addition of grated mozzarella cheese for added fat. He likes Italian and German sausage, but I’m not a fan unless it’s white bratwurst. I like chicken liver sautéed in butter, but don’t make it too often. I will make shrimp with garlic butter for myself, but husband is allergic, so rarely. He still eats vegetables, so I’ll make him a cooked green veg or melange thereof, plus raw salad, radishes, cukes, celery, etc. I sauté in bacon fat, grassfed butter or ghee. I make him sugar-free keto cookies, fathead rolls, fat bombs of peanut butter and ganache, and he loves Cut the Carb sandwich wraps, none of which I eat. My modified carnivore has kept my weight steady. Husband also eats nuts and raw sauerkraut and yoghurt for probiotics. He eats all those treats, but only fluctuates .5kg or so. His normal weight is 9kg more than mine.

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