WHAT I LEARNED FROM THE CARNIVORE DIET | Staying Carnivore or Back to Keto? (WEEK 5)


After 30 days doing the carnivore diet, here is what I have learned.

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  • Zephyr OnFire

    Hi sweetie, from Canada! So excited to have found your channel! Kati, I’m presently fasting, but I am torn between going full Carnivore (with dairy & eggs) or going Carnivore-keto (mostly salad & avocado with the odd keto-dessert). Either way, may I ask what you think about the ‘1 day off grid’ idea? There’s a wonderful lady named Kayla from “6 Miles to Supper” whom I just found & she is successful at just regular OMAD (all foods) with what she deems a ‘cheat day” once per week. So…u can hear the wheels turning here (haha!)….I thought, maybe OMAD-Carnivore-Keto for me with possibly a day off. Of course…the original idea is go the route of full Carnivore-OMAD also. Ahhh!! I’m on my 3rd day of a water fast, so any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 TY & big hugs!

  • Angel Shining

    In my opinion it is the variety that caused all my allergies, too many different foods and not knowing everything about all of them, if I stick to 5 foods or less a lot my symptoms ease up. Were you cooking your meat dry in a crock? never did that before, I have always had some kind of broth in there or something,,,,,lol also do you have the name of the gal you were talking about that had all the autoimmune problems and meat healed her, I saw her on a show once but lost track of her.

  • Espy

    Great vid and info Kait. WTG. I have read through comments and one thing that sticks out is the high nutrient, proteins in the organs, especially liver. My generation was when mum or nanna would make us kids periodically be forced to eat the yucky tablespoon of Cod Liver oil. Bless them and their wisdom past down through generations. They weren't affected by social media propaganda and the governments agenda to always keep us in chaos and unwell so big pharma had steady supply of physical, mental and emotional sickness. Most of the education system has slyly over time broke down the respect of elders advices or traditions. Most of the youth of this era are to busy trying to eat their way to imagined comfort and or building up fat shields for traumas (sexual, emotional and physical too) We have lost our roots and what happens to plants without roots ? A suggestion in my mind to the Vegans who get sidetracked by the killing animals violence connection. Eat spiritually by thanking the mother our earth for allowing us the animals sacrifice. P.S Even Plants have life energy. Weather they are sentient or not is beside the point, they are still harvested and killed to eat too. I believe the plants are our medicines and the meat our sustenance. Perfect as nature could be. Peace and the hope for the ones confused to finally realise their mistakes and return to health before it takes them all.

  • PeaceNProsper

    I grew up with fried liver. Slices of liver like thick bacon, and then just fry/roast it on the pan. It's been a long time so I don't remember the exact recipe but I liked the taste. It wasn't deep fried.

  • Ghislaine Beauce

    Hi, I now cook my livers with spring onions (the small onions with long green stalks) or other onions or shallots, and fresh chilli pepper. Obviously, that's not really suited for a carnivore diet, but it's certainly more palatable. do you use dripping (a.k.a. tallow) or lard or duck or goose fat to cook with? That might help. I know my cousins eat the liver just fried in butter, but they always have so they're used to the flavour.

  • Rosa Gray

    I want to ask a rather personal question, and that is how are your bowel movements on this diet/lifestyle (carnivore and keto hybrid)? Heart tastes best as a curry or minced up (I often eat organ meat as I cannot afford any other type of meat beyond canned fish). Finally could you please consider making a tight budget meal plan? For example I have $20 AUD for groceries per fortnight and am lucky to have more than $10 extra for protein. <3

  • Rosa Gray

    Thinly slice liver (I typically use sheep or goat liver), dust with seasoning and a touch of flour (or low carb substitute) and shallow fry. It tastes great on its own and even better in a lettuce/silverbeet wrap!

  • Andreas Landgren

    You are so right about variety!

    Taste is secondary i need to stoprewarding with food!

    This just goes to show that thexsaying variety in food and taste are secondary to effect. I always felt this

  • delta echo

    I'm not a huge fan of liver, but I had chicken livers wrapped in bacon served as an Hors d'oeuvre at a Christmas party once and really liked it. I've done it with beef liver and it is just as good. You simply cut the liver to the desired size, wrap the liver with bacon, skewer it with a toothpick, put on a baking sheet, and cook under the broiler for a few minutes.

  • Jen Y

    Ipull liver out of the freezer while it's still frozen I cut it in small bits put it back in the freezer. When I'm ready to eat it I just pop them in my mouth Frozen and the trick is I chase it with100% cranberry juice you completely forget that you have liver in your moutth it totally works TRY IT!!!!!

  • Sigal Shcolnick

    If you can tolarate dairy I have a great recepie for liver.
    Fry onion in butter until caramelized, add the liver, for a short time, it needs to stay pink and moist.
    Then – pulce everything in a food procecssor. Add salt and full fat cream to taste. Its a game changer.

  • Marie Di Masi

    Hey Kate why don't you try slicing the liver in two finger sized portions and wrapping bacon around each piece so that it doesn't overlap and then putting them on a baking sheet and baking them till the bacon gets crisp and the liver is cooked enough I was thinking that sounds really good and then let us know how that turns out

  • Tracy Lynn AZ

    I loooooove liver just plain sauteed in butter with sea salt…..I grew up on it though so it may be nostalgic. And with my autoimmunity I feel I crave all the nutrients so perhaps that’s why I enjoy them more

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