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My girlfriend had the opportunity to speak with Zsofia Clemens of Paleo Medicina over Skype for an hour last Thursday. She has been on Epilepsy medication since she was 9. She went from a no meat, no eggs, no fish, dairy only vegetarian to where we are at today. Once she is off her medication, it will have been almost 30 years that she has been on it. We recorded the entire interview. Since this was planned months ago, I wrote down many questions leading up to the interview to get answers to questions I had never heard answered from Paleo Medicina. Below I will detail the overview of the protocol, and notes on the info. Besides our specifically catered approach, Zsofia Clemens also gave us the info on their general protocol. I will note the differences below.


DISCLAIMER: This is a specifically catered approach, and if you are seeking an approach to your ailment, including Epilepsy, you need to consult with Paleo Medicina yourself. Every case and factor is individual.


General Plan: To get into Ketosis ASAP, reduce medication after 1 week of the strict protocol. We are unaware of the total time it will take to completely get off the medication. We have urine strips to track ketosis only in the beginning. We have a follow up in appx. 3 weeks through email.

– 3:1 ratio fat to protein (Paleo Medicina reccomends nothing less then a general 2:1 ratio in general. My GF can do no less then 3:1. Zsofia Clemens has been critical of the “Carnivore Diet”, saying that it is too low in fat. Too much protein will throw you out of Ketosis.)

– Vigantol 10ml: Pure liquid Vitamin D taken over 4 days (We just ordered this stuff from Bulgaria, she was told to take a quarter bottle over 4 days, and was told it would get her baseline Vitamin D levels from 29 ng/ml to 80 ng/ml … in 4 days … wow. We were told after this dose, regular consumption of beef liver would hold Vitamin D levels stable)

– 4 legged animals only (This is specifically catered to my GF, she needs the highest concentration of nutrients for now. Any animals on 4 legs, preferably grass fed but not mandatory)

– No fish or poultry (again because of nutrient density, she can probably eat these eventually)

– Organ Meats
– Liver: 400g / week
– Brains or Bone Marrow: 200g / week
(As far as I know this is mandatory on their protocol across the board. Other organs of course can be eaten, but this is a minimum goal each week. But what was interesting is that we were told Bone Marrow can substitute Brains. Also as noted above, regular consumption of 400g beef liver per week would stabalize Vitamin D levels after the Vigantol dose)

– Salt: No Himalayan due to high Iron. Real Salt, Rock Salt, Sea Salt is okay. (I am unaware if this is a specifically catered approach or across the board)

– No Plants, Fruits, Grains, etc. (Pretty obvious, however, make note … Zsofia Clemens specifically told my GF that the general diet protocol can contain plants, and down the road, depending on the circumstances, non-nightshade plants can be reintroduced, if the body allows)

– Eggs okay (I was surprised)

– No Supplements (However …)

– Continue Lamotragine (Epilepsy med) and GABA supplement (Yep, she was specifically told to continue supplementing GABA for now. That was my biggest surprise. Taurine and Glycine are discontinued)

– Excercise not necessary (She was discouraged from doing excessive excercise for now, her body needs to rest, and use vital nutrients for healing)

– Water as needed (No minimum / maximum)

– No Herbs / Spices for now (It appears in the future they can be used limited)

– No skin cream / shampoo / toothpaste / makeup (Nothing topical besides water)

– No Butter / Ghee

– Raw Meat unnecessary (We were told its technically nutritionally better, but its a negligable difference and unnecessary.)

– Bone Broth is great

– No Cross Contamination (She has to be extremely careful not to cross other trace plant foods on to her meat. This will be easy at the home)

Any further question I will be happy to try and answer !


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