Hello everybody!
SHOCKING! I know. But I never said this was a forever diet. I always listen to my body, and it told me to start eating vegetables again. Obviously I don’t plan on going back to full on carb eating, that would not be smart for my health. Now Carnivore did work for a while, and has had people gain lifelong benefits, but it just wasn’t right for me to sustain for the rest of my life. I was glad for the experience and what i learned, however it is time for me to return to Keto! I advocate for keto far more than any other eating style, because I know the huge benefits that can be gained from it and how truly sustainable it is.
Looking forward to sharing my favourite recipes with you all!
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Your support is much appreciated!



  • Armando Gómez

    Yeah, I tried exercising for 1 week and it was awful. My body hurts, I am tired all the time, I am thirsty, I feel sluggish, my heart feels like it will explode, and I am hungry all the time. I cannot move in the morning. Conclusion: Exercising is bad and I don't feel like I am improving in any way. I quit.

  • Giuseppe Greco

    My rule is: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, and very little fruits.

    Pizza, pasta, bread, rice, grains, beans, potatoes, and flour-based food in general are just poison for our body.

  • Ryan C

    Everyone has to do what they feel is best to sustain.

    Personally I have no cravings on zero carb. It's almost like I just don't think about food at all anymore. I also fast 18 hours a day

  • Melinda Curle

    You probably shouldn't have drank so much water. Many in the carnivore community don't recommend drinking unless you're thirsty. Too much water will dehydrate you and you'll experience negative symptoms.

  • maitreyaishere

    I think you probably have to keep at it for a little while, 2 wks is just not enough time, the body's requirements for water go down. Also may need initial potassium/salt supplementation as the body wants to urinate the electrolytes out. My understanding is reduced insulin levels leads to this flushing and brain fog period that is only supposed to last about 1 week, but 2 weeks is not impossible. I image excess water intake without electrolye repletion could make the symptoms worse. Also, think think this diet works with tapered carbs but not with cheat meals.

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