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Vegan VS Carnivore what works best for me?



  • John Rambo

    Im a perfect specimen. Carbs..burp. Six pack…from laughing. Barely any body fat. Never been to the gym. I am going to try the carnivore diet because..bacon snacks. Bacon lunch. Bacon dinner. Was always told red meats are bad. Google the truth about where bacon and eggs for breakfast comes from. From a greedy pig farmer

  • The Breatharian Carnivore

    Vegetables are the most unhealthy food. Everytime I eat them I just shit all the time. I've been eating only meat and eggs and liver for the past week or so and I feel a lot better. It's pretty obvious that we are carnivores because we don't have bacteria in the stomach to digest plants. We have to hybridized and cultivate them to even digest them at all.

  • DoloSamurai1

    Great unbiased video…especially from someone with experience in fitness for 27 yrs and most of all a Doc or soon to be. But I have oooooone big question. What is the mortality rate of a person on keto vs someone who's vegan….and are the artery walls clean of plaque just as a vegan supposedly is. Im not a vegan…but as someone who's curious about the keto diet and most of all my health and heart….can you make a vid on that or reply here.


    Doc Harris LOL yeah you already saw my video, good! You can do a lot of whey but your body is going to get used to it you have to vary it up your proteins need some variety of different amino acid profiles and get some digestive enzymes and take them every time you eat that will help you break it all down and absorb into your bloodstream


    Doc Harris I wouldn't do it with just protein shakes alone. You have to get turkey chicken beef and a Tuan an absolute ton of colorful vegetables and fish oils There's a video on carb depleting and loading in a cycle every week on my website at http://www.innovative itness.info Check that out and that will give you a plan on how to manipulate insulin and increase your fat burning potential Grace out!

  • Richard Trujillo

    it's really scary to live in a world with people that think that an all powerful "good" god chose to create beings, that just like us, are sentient and value their lives, to be slaughter for consumption. How delusional can someone be to not understand that a good kind god with the power to create anything he wants as food for us would NEVER create a sentient being as food because that would go against his holy nature. The author of Genesis in the bible at least created a true compassionate god that only created a plant-based diet for humans. Within vegetarianism there are tons and tons of diets that you can choose from , it's not like all vegans eat the same diet. So no, we can't eat whatever makes us happy, there are people who love cannibalism , same with animals , you're nobody to kill someone like a cow even humanely, just it's not acceptable for me rape a woman humanely if that made me happy.

  • Peter Awd

    All the meat eaters are soooo afraid of insulin spikes. What doubles the insulin is animal products. 100g of rice with some fruit, will spike half as the same rice with some meat. 😉

  • Fi Lumina

    "over the course of history we never had a time where so much carbohydrate and grains have been entered into our diet especially in our culture in America" lol what???
    potatoes- staple food that sustained thousands and thousands of generations pretty much troughout the history (N America), quinoa, corn, maize (S America) also a staple food. middle east – barley, asia – rice, africa – corn (ugali) egypt – wheat, barley, europe wheat, barley etc.
    on another note do you even know how insulin resistance works??
    holy hell i can go on but i wont waste my breath. please read up before you talk about stuff this video is a disgrace.  think you need to carb up, brah

  • kenimus76

    Your body can handle the carbohydrates if you don't have a ton of saturated fat gumming up the system neil barnard hax been reversing diabetes for years along with Dean Ornish and Dr Esselstyn in terms of heart disease explain that. What about fiber which most Americans are deficient in.


    Also animal fats can be ery healthy for certain individuals as well. God did not make animals just live and breathe and NOT be a food source. we are protein(enzyme) burning machines not glucose. out of the 3 macronutrients, carbs are the ones that can be eliminated and the body still stay healthy and immune system strong. carbs and fats can be converted into glucose, just takes a little longer of a process as you probably know already


    I've been trainng people for 22 years now and myself for over 30 yrs. i have tried every pro carb and fat ration known. Been vegetarian twice. It all comes down to genetic makeup and learning through trail and error what works best for the individual. All you points are very valid. We need to realize that everyone is an individual and some people thrive on different foods then others do. Its our genetic make up. I'm still a big advocate for colors of the rainbow eating (fruits n veggies)

  • Steve Kefalinos

    …yet if you only ate fresh natural foods like a mainly vegetarian based diet with little meat if none at all.. you would stay alive for a long time.. You cant get much nutrients from meat.. where as you can almost completely meet your dietary intake across the board with pulses, legumes, nuts, fruit, vegetables and seeds.

  • Steve Kefalinos

    Granted, if your referring to "refined sugar" and processed foods.. Animal fat is also right up there in the " I will destroy your heart, internal organs and line your bowel with faecal plaque" category.. Animal fats clog your arteries no two ways about it.. if you need to eat meat then go for it but I would highly advise much less doses then what you claim on this video.. If you only ate meat (carnivore) you would probably die very quickly..

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