7 month experience cheat sheet (Noobs from SAD <1 month view)


Here’s a really simple post to help noobs get an idea of what’s to come. I came from SAD, If you’re coming from keto/LCHF this doesn’t apply.

*General sentiment*

Month 1 – kinda bad

Month 2 – really bad/awful

Month 3 – kinda bad

Month 4 – decent

Month 5 – good

Month 6 – amazing

Month 7 – amazing

The past month or 2 I’ve cheated like crazy as well, experimenting with carbing up. TL;dr It does nothing. Stick with meat only. If you feel like you need carbs, you’re not eating enough meat.

*Working out*

Like a dumbasss I worked out throughout my entire ZC journey. Here’s how it went.

Month 1 – Horrible

Month 2 – Really bad

Month 3 – Hit previous PRs again

Month 4 – started to go up a bit

Month 5 – stalled out

Month 6 – stalled out

Month 7 – Started to go up again quite quickly

The month 5-6 stall out was probably from me fucking with carbs and not eating enough meat. Days I eat enough I’m strong as fuck. My workouts are down to like 3-4 times a week now, seeing how I gain muscle quicker now, working out more is counterproductive and impossible to keep up with appetite.


Month 1 – necessary

Month 2 – very necessary

Month 3 – necessary

Month 4 – Rarely necessary

Month 5 – Never

Month 6 – never

Month 7 – never

Hopefully you’re noticing a general trend by now.


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