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Hey all! Thought I’d give this a try since I’ve got the auto-immune disorders Chron’s (always wondered if I had malabsorption) and Hidradenitis Suppurativa‎ that didn’t budge while on Keto. I’d love your input on a few things:

1. What percentage fat do you usually buy your meat with? I’m a poor 19-year-old so I’m doing ground beef. Currently doing 85/15. According to the package calories, that works out to 62.5% fat and 47.5% protein. What satiates you (I know we’re not doing macros for macro’s sake)? *I’m 6’2″,140 pounds, and male.*
2. What are your favorite ways to cook ground beef? I’m going straight to only beef and salt for a month– I’m confident I can do it because of the strict diets I’ve maintained previously. I’m going to try seared and taco style, I made simmered hamburgers today.
3. I’d like to hear problems other carnivores encountered in adaptation. I’m not worried about carb withdrawal, but am curious about vitamins Y’all took while adapting and things like that.

Thanks in advance.


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