Day 16 Carnivore Diet Experiment 🦁

Day 16 Carnivore Diet Experiment 🦁

I’ll be doing short Facebook live video updates everyday on my progress & thoughts each day on my carnivore diet experiment for Jan 2018 #worldcarnivoremonth

Today’s update is how had some dark chocolate birthday cake for my son’s birthday, question about how diet affects sleep and wher do you get your meat from poll.

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  • Robin Chris

    3 Butcher Box. I get great incentives for using it like, there’s a code I give out and the person who orders their stuff with the code gets a pack of bacon for free for a year. Sweet right? Thanks for helping popularize this WOE. I tried it for 3 months and I loved it. I just tried spinach two days ago so I’m still about 9o% plant-Free.

  • Aliessil

    I noticed a great improvement in sleeping when I moved from what I thought was supposed to be a balanced diet to keto, but not noticed any difference (yet) in switching from keto to ZC (I'm mostly ZC atm, but still finishing some keto meals I'd already made, probably twice a week). I get my meat online from https://www.farmerschoice.co.uk – it's all free-range, prices are at worst comparable to the supermarkets, and they have all kinds of different cuts you can't normally get (I'll be trying ox tongue and heart for the first time in the next week!).

  • Rayna Quigs

    I buy meat at the supermarket. There is a section called economical. It's the fatter meat cuts that cook great with instant pot. So most I get there. Then I head to butcher to talk to him, what does he have for deals or very fresh/local and worth the extra spending. Also liver is inexpensive so every week is one meal liver. But I just discovered a farm nearby will sell 10 kilogrammes lamb for 140 euros. We are ordering this because the lamb at the supermarket is more expensive so we never get it. One staple for us is pork shoulder cook in instant pot delicious and less expensive than beef (though I prefer).

  • Rayna Quigs

    I sleep better in low carb and feel that 7 to 8 hours is plenty including that I am usually woken once or twice in the night for breastfeeding but I don't notice a problem just fall back asleep easily.

  • kinpatu

    I’m doing keto, not ZC, but I get meat from Whole Foods, ButcherBox, and Walmart. All grass fed and pasture raised. All pork is physically unaltered. Whole Foods guides make this easy. I’m really liking this WOE. I’m not 100% convinced yet on ZC, but it has really gotten me interested.

  • patkill8321

    I go to the local butcher pick out a nice whole rump cut and get them to slice it up into the required size. It works out about $16 a kilogram that way. also eggs are cheap i make 36 egg scrambled eggs with bacon lasts for about 2 days, only having to cook once every 2 days is the best for me. Chicken breast or thigh pieces marinated is also a nice option for variety. If your having eggs try tabasco sauce on them great combo by the way.

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