Weight Gain – History of ED – But I want to continue and push through this !!


HI! I’ve recently started Carnviore/Zero Carb 2.5 weeks ago and I want to continue for as long as possible – I’m 25, 5’5, and probably 140 lbs at this point (I don’t use a scale) and I have been bulimic/anorexic cycling for ten years; but 6 months ago became Keto – I’ve now switched to Carnivore after reading your guide and I do feel a lot better. The weight gain/fat gain(?) is happening so fast it’s a bit scary – I don’t quite have the energy yet to exercise. In fact i haven’t been much into exercise my whole life but hope to move in that direction. (i’m on my feet 6 hours a day working and right now thats about where my energy level is) Do you think adding exercise is important this early on? And do you because I’m pretty young that this weight gain period will end relatively soon? I’m eating grass fed ground beef and occasional bacon (to satiety..2.5 lbs per day) and coffee. I know it’s my body re-calibrating but it’s certainly a test to my commitment to carnivore. Should I lift some weights and such?…I came to carnivore to help my hunger cues and appetite regulate, so this body composition factor is something I’m just now understanding, (I just wanted to be healthy) I also lost my cycle months ago after I began prolonged fasting once a month (not doing that anymore for the time being)
Anyway thanks for all your incredible information!


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