The Carni K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid!)


Let’s talk about “imitation carbs” (not crabs) and the simpler life.

You can’t walk through a grocery store now without bumping into some fake keto candy bar or cauliflower pizza. Reddit keto communities are bloated (haha) with links to monetized blogs full of recipes made out of xanthan gum, psyllium husk, coconut this that and the other. People are spending fortunes on Swerve and almond flour trying to make keto work for them without doing the meaningful work of confronting that this mindset got them into trouble in the first place. This is unsustainable, makes you feel deprived, and fake sugar probably does spike your insulin in some appreciable way. All this tends toward failure. This certainly was an issue for me when I was keto. Which is why I am so thankful for carnivore/ZC. I was one such coconut flour dupe.

The marketing blitz around keto products is just more of the same mindless consumption machinery grinding on. I like how carnivore/ZC is a bit harder to monetize and market in that way. It forces us to step outside that zombie-dom and make new habits to self soothe instead of walking to your local donut stand or WF to grab a fake carb goodie. It also produces much less waste in terms of packaging, and a lot of meat and eggs are sourced more locally, so you have the added benefit of saving on gas for food transport.

I’m curious to see what happens as ZC gets more popular. How will that effect the prices and availability of meat, organs, grass vs grain fed? Maybe it will be easier to get straight meat and salt jerky in stores?

What do you all imagine a more carnivorous future to look like? More backlash by American Heart Association’s funding bunk science epidemiological studies claiming cholesterol causes heart disease? God forbid we cut into the drug company’s statin revenue! God forbid people stop paying a fortune for insulin meds! God forbid the market for mono-cropping goes into crisis! Carnivore’s popularity throws a huge wrench into the system.

I’m hoping the carnivore community continues to highlight the simplicity of this WOE as one of its merits. Among its numerous health benefits, I see carnivore as less wasteful, closer to the earth, and containing the major benefit of re-training people to not use buying “food” to get their dopamine kicks. I like how its retraining me personally to live more minimally and mindfully.


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