8 month update! Dermatitis free!


My dermatitis has been non existent for past two weeks. This is the longest stretch I’ve had in the 10+ yrs ive suffered with this condition.

I was getting discouraged by the length of time it was taking to get here but after tweaking the fat ratio of the meat I’m consuming and cutting cheese and kefir out I finally feel vindicated.

Posted here a few months back about experimenting with leaner meat and that must have had a good amount of contribution to my improvement because I was still experiencing flare ups with strictly ribeyes and ny strips.

Now it’s ground beef 85% lean, top round sirloin, flap steak, bottom round, and grass fed/ finished beef liver and heart(though haven’t had that in 3 weeks) and ghee.

I had concerns that caffeine was a problem but still consuming caffeine(pill form) and no problems.

Started stretching 4 times a week 2months ago to get my central nervous system to fire as well as switching my weight lifting from isolation lifts to compound lifts.

These are literally the only changes I’ve made, and I’ve just come off a weeks course of antibiotics for an infection on my toe from a spider bite. Did feel a bit of bloat during the course but all is good now!

Hope this isn’t jumping the gun, but like I said this is the longest I’ve gone without a flare up so if you’re struggling with skin issues through this diet, my advice is to be patient and listen to your body.

I listened when the fat content of the meat was sending me violently to the restroom within 20mins of eating so I started to eat leaner.

Still have a little dandruff


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