How to deal with Psychological Restriction?


I (22M) absolutely love the Carnivore WOE. 100% sold, on-board, 10/10 want to gnaw on meat for every meal.

The only problem I have with sticking to this lifestyle is not the physical but the psychological. I do not mean the social stigma, but the feeling of restriction.

I come from a background of disordered eating (Has been defined as Bulimia and as B.E.D. before but think Binge/Purge habits). And often once I get 3-5+ days just meat and feel really good physically, the thoughts of “You can’t have anything but meat for the rest of your life” creep in and I feel trapped. I have on some occasions sabotaged myself in these instances with emotional eating.

I saw someone in the past for my Disordered Eating and am well aware I should likely do so again, but I doubt any Eating Disorder specialist would support Carnivore.

My question for this community is, how do you deal with the feelings of food limitation/restriction being a Carnivore? While Meat is wonderful, Carnivory objectively takes countless modern food options off of the table for us. How do you deal with knowing it’s meat and only meat, and not panic?


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