Low Carb Denver 2019 Day 1 | Day 3 Denver and San Francisco 2019

We attended Low carb Denver 2019. Check out this video for our wrap up of day one Low carb Denver 2019. ****For further information on Low carb Denver click here – http://bit.ly/2TeHSls

Boulder Airbnb – http://bit.ly/2UGMhzo

Day One Speakers
Welcome Dr Jeffrey Gerber and Dr Rod Tayler
Will a low carb diet shorten your life – Robb Wolf
Ketogenic diets and Psychiatric disorders: Where the science stands, and what it means for you. – Dr Georgia Ede
Harnessing evolution during cancer therapy – Dr Dawn Lemanne
Is low carb safe during pregnancy – Lily Nichols
PCOS – Dr jason Fung and Dr Nadia Pateguana
My personal carnivore diet journey – Mikhaila Peterson
A history of nutrition science – Dr Dariush Mozaffarian
how to think about how we eat – Dr Gary Taubes
Reawakening the Pancreas – Dr Mariela Glandt
Oxidative priority – Maria Emmerich

If you are interested in seeing any of these talks, they will be released on you tube by low carb down under in the coming months.

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In this video, Dan and Erika cover low carb Denver day one, a low carb conference held in Denver each year. They would highly recommend attending this keto conference if you are interested in learning more about the science.



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