Done Keto before, this time around I want to go carnivore. What are the tools of the trade?


Ive done Keto in the past and I have found myself falling into lazy keto habits which lead to overDoing carbs occasionally which leads to being out of Keto for awhile etc.

I want to do Carnivore because I feel like if I get into a routine of cooking just a couple things I wont fall into those bad habits and the way of eating looks all around more appealing then counting carbs and fats and proteins.

That being said I’ve got about $300 or so a month for food and I typically do OMAD, I never really ate three times a day anyway so cutting it down to one event per day seemed more manageable for times sake anyway.

I don’t have many dishes or cooking utensils at all and I want to know what items make eating carnivore stream lined so like what 3-5 things would you all say are the absolute essential tools for the Carnivore lifestyle.

Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.


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