Micronutrients, Migraines, & Much Much More (Carnivore Diet)

After weeks of issues punctuated by migraines, I have identified a pattern and cleaned my diet up! Here’s the latest stage in my carnivorous journey, told over the fire. In the kitchen. Topics include:

-Last week’s missing video
-Eating raw liver (on camera, of course)
-Micronutrients, nutrient density, and satiety
-Cutting out bacon, cheese, and pork rinds
-Daily organ meats
-Dietary migraine triggers
-The magic of cast-iron grilling
-Grass-fed vs. conventionally-raised meats
-Diet as a connection to Nature
-Eating salmon roe (“caviar”)
-Rendering and saving beef tallow
-Eating for pleasure vs./& health
-Deciding to change for the better
-Talking to animals
-Revisiting old information and wisdom to learn more
-Lots of free-flowing tangents!

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  • June Chamberlin

    I totally agree with you about eating a snack of raw g.f. beef liver! It’s my favorite appetizer. It feels like the best multivitamin you can take! Also, I love your casual delivery in the kitchen!

  • Jesse McLain

    If you ever decide to experiment with bacon again, Whole Foods sells a paleo-friendly dry-rubbed bacon. It's actually absent of nitrates, unlike most nitrate-free bacon that just substitutes cellery nitrates/nitrites…. just in case that might be one of your triggers. Thank you for the thoughtful and fun video. I really like this format with its occasional stream-of-thought ramble.

  • missandei

    Maybe it wasn’t the bacon itself that gave you migraine. I mean it’s only meat and fat, why should it cause that? I’d rather blame the bad quality salt they generally treat the bacon with. Aajonus vonderplanitz (if you’re interested) is blaming salt in general for migraine.

  • Jafar Sindria

    im so confused because of the nutrient thing thats why i didnt start yet. i want to get all vitamins and such but i hate organ meat and i cant eat cheese (i overeat A LOT) -_-

  • Elwood

    $11/lb is why I can’t do grass fed. One pound of calf liver at Walmart is ~$2. That said, I had cut back on liver but might go back to eating it daily.

    On the subject of cheese, last night I tried goat cheese for the first time and I seem to have had no reaction. Any thoughts?

  • Angel Shining

    No say it isn't so….no bacon……what? I don't think i get migraines from bacon but i do chocolate every once in a blue moon. Love pork rinds too. My migraines are always triggered from stress or allergens from outside. I get them like 4 times a year.

  • Ali Kwarten

    Too much salt gives me a headache. Too low sugar I also get a headache.
    Try light salt. This salt has less sodium and more potassium.
    And if you get a headache try a teaspoon of honey

  • D. Cox

    Loved the black & white cut-away, (accompanied by the ominous music), when you declared you'd given up on cheese.  HA!  Always a joy to watch your videos.

  • cosmickate

    Thanks….I just had my blood test results and lacking folate and low ferritin as well as thyroid problem getting worse on carnivore so like you with the migraines I am researching all the time. Love your videos

  • Vitor Floriano Costa

    I only haven't started yet because I'm not able to cook something I'm happy eating. I mean, I live by myself and can't cook at all. It's hard to eliminate so much from my diet and start eating the crap I cook.

  • Robin Beers

    The other day, I was planning to make calf liver pate so I had it out defrosting in the fridge. I don't normally eat a whole lot of liver at once but, for some reason, this whole pound of liver just called to me and told me that it was going to be dinner. I ate the whole pound and it was delicious.
    That is a bummer about the munchy foods also being the migraine triggers. Maybe cutting those out is part of why my seizures have gone away. Seizures and migraines are very close cousins neurologically speaking. Migraines for me are a telltale sign that I am screwing up diet and lifestyle wise and that a seizure could be coming. Now I don't have either. Definitely worth giving up the cheese.

  • psychicoutlaw Chanel

    Cheese was a migraine trigger for me yrs ago, but what I have learned now is that it is a magnesium deficiency – and always was! When I begin to get any kind of headache, rare, these days, I instantly lenghthen my daily dry fasting time. Maybe that will help you, add magnesium, I like the glycate kind. Almost everyone is mag deficient, even us carNs. Do you watch Frank Tufano, youmay be taking in too much vite A thru all that liver, even he doesnt eat it that often lol. Good health!!

  • Beating Obesity

    Hey Michael, rambling or not I enjoy listening to you talk about meat. It's our passion so we just can't help but ramble on about it. I'm the same way.
    Thanks for the mention. I am still pushing my boundaries, just took delivery of my first purchase of 55% lean ground beef with heart from US Wellness Meats. Liver is on the agenda next. I'm curious if I'll experience the heightened clarity that you spoke about.
    I've moved away from bacon, not that I won't ever have it again and not because of migraines. It's just that it doesn't feel right to eat something that I simply cannot get enough of. No matter how much bacon I cook it's not enough. It used to be a weekly thing for me, now I have bacon more like every other month, and I'm okay with that.
    take care my friend.

  • Lisa Albarras

    Oh, by the way after seeing you with the Canadian geese at the lake I thought it prudent to let you know that we never feed any of our animals, ducks and geese etc. Bread because it gives them fatty liver disease. Then again if you are raising them for meat instead of eggs, fatted goose liver is delicious…just not healthy for the poor goose.

  • Lisa Albarras

    I am sorry to hear that you are having to give up the cheese and beacon. I understand your situation completely, as I have a sneaking suspension that the dairy that I have clung to since moving from keto to carnivore, is sabotaging my health.
    Perhaps I will give it up at some point but honestly I am not sure that I am emotionally ready to let it go just yet. Lol, I mean I tell my family that sour cream is carnivore icecream. Good luck, and thank you again for another great peak into your day.

  • Tyler Sudden II

    Just back from a wild hog hunt in southern Georgia. Got me 2 nasty boars. Just jammed a 5 cubic foot chest freezer with every part of the hog sans entrails, brain and kidney. If you are ever near Philly, there's wild piggy meat for ya Mikey…..oh and I got a smoker and know how to use it.

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