2-Year Carnivore Diet Review (Good, Bad & Ugly)

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  • Danny Roddy

    "…Eskimo women are sometimes grandmothers before the age of twenty-three, and that they usually seem as old at sixty as our women do at eighty." Vilhjalmur Stefansson (1935)

  • Nathan Toupin

    Danny just want to say I've been following you loosely over the past couple of years since I learned about Ray. And through that time, we all try different diets and follow new people in this process of learning about nutrition. Wholeheartedly I agree with all the instances for the carnivore diet for the average person, however it is not for an athlete or rather anyone focusing on anaerobic training, that's why Charles Washington and Zach Bitter excel in aerobic marathons, they don't have a glycogen dump. Shawn Baker's achievements are a result of his anatomy, nearly every rower is of his stature and similar limb lengths, he's done quite a disservice to the work of Price and Stefansson, promoting an all muscle meat diet. The result of his blood labs, all the stress is taking part to pregnelone steal syndrome and metabolic imbalances disguised in this video. All together we need to address this true appeal to ancestral eating. Our ancestors had no concept of exercise, sure in some cultures there were sports like the Greeks, But nobody was running marathons, we had horses, and if not we sat in bushes and used camo to hunt large slow game that would tire easily, hypertrophy exercise wasn't a thing. A new perspective should be focused on performance not this lost ancestral paradigm. GNG is an inefficient, expensive and stressful process to the body, you and Chris Masterjohn are right up there calling it for what it is, sticking to the science. We really need to stop glorifying or justifying this keep it super simple approach when it comes diet. I'm definitely going to give your book Hair Like A Fox a look over, and the rest of your youtube channel.

    Personally right now, I'm focusing on a version of The Vertical Diet, carb source is mainly white rice, eating about a 8 to 12 eggs a day, a 1lb of beef in between and supplementing, with A, D, E, K2, C, Magnesium, and other things as well. And the takeaway from this video is I could add in alot more calcium, and follow you more closely. Thank you for the work you do.

    The hardest thing about nutrition is that everyone has their own personal brand and I believe now with the evolution of the trends, many people are in the same place, I'd like to say you, Chris Masterjohn, Robb Wolf, John Keifer, Stan Efferding, maybe Alan Aragon( I don't keep up with him), and many people behind the scenes are nearly all on the same page. Maybe it's too idealistic to think that there could be a brand created, maybe similar to the 21 convention brand that is growing within the manosphere, maybe the two could join and that would be a wrecking force. Because at the end of the day, those guys are behind the curve to a fault, focusing on a "masculine diet " and all things social dynamics, which often leads to extremes like the carnivore diet. And not a bit of research or science about nutrition and there's guys just like you were at that age, on an all meat, or keto diet, that I can say I spent time trying out as well or whatever type diet that creates stress, and not the best libido or hormone profile. All of this is trying to find what has been lost in social dynamics and as well as nutrition, learning on how to become your full potential as a man.

  • Rene Miemiec

    like you talked about some studies(the vegan thing), but i feel that i have learned nothing about your personal experience going away from this video, which would be the most important to me. anyways have a good day

  • Rick Guymon

    lol I expected a diet review. Ie your results. All I got was a bunch of unsupported theory and you lost you gal pal because of libido? What were the results? How did yo feel, did you have heath issues? Also pemmican? WFT that was storage or travel diet. Fresh food is would always be better? Pemmican seems silly.

  • Yanuario Arias

    dude I don't even know what your point was in this video if you had one. im on a mostly carnivore diet for over a year now. I do eat some white rice, so its not 0 carbs. I eat rice because I like it not because I need it. I've never felt better ever, ill be 55 this year. I have sex almost every day and am rock hard. my body fat is around 15% id like to get it to single digits so I'm reducing my fat intake to lower calories, I don't want to lower my volume of food consumed so I'm just going to eat leaner meats, I exercise 2 to 3 times a week. maybe its not the carnivore diet but what types of meats your eating and lack of heavy weighted exercise.

  • Kisho 8

    I'm not sure I'm buying into what you deem to be a negative. Gluconeogenesis is demand driven and our bodies only require a small amount of Glucose (for the brain), while the remainder of the body can use ketones as fuel. So assuming you're supplying enough fat in your carnivore diet, then the only other issue is whether you're getting enough nutrition. At which point, it's only a matter of eating organ meats and some fish.

  • Nate R

    Where's the review??
    You say you had some serious health problems before you started the diet but don't elaborate
    You say the diet was not helping in any way with stress or libido
    You say the diet was helping your health at least for the first year or so.. no elaboration
    You mention a bunch of "science" as to why it might be bad

    I'm just confused and not sure what there is to glean from this video.

  • Alex Tkachenko

    Very useful findings and valuable expirience! Tempo of speech points that you succeed in thyroid boosting!
    May I generalise that to a hyperthyroid people keto is a good choice, but to slow metabolism ones –bad, even if its not exact carnivore but egg/butter/gelatin/lurd/potato keto?

  • John Cheetham

    So good to get a YT with someone like Danny or Ray Peat when the YT dietary world is crowded with morons thinking they are carnivores or herbivores. Not so excited to hear you're coming back with Georgi as he is a supplement seller and this effects what he believes and says. But he is reasonably bright and hopefully you can keep him in line.

  • Sun

    Love the new hairstyle! man! please make more youtube videos like this! you've got to make the ray peat inspired diet more mainstream, and your youtube popularity would help a ton in that direction!

  • Travis Statham

    This video might have made sense if humans were really omnivores. This logic is just all bad. "this seems bad" is not much of an argument. Where were people getting these magical carbohydrates that took them out of ketosis? Why would long term ketosis be dangerous? Really poor reasoning.

  • Sea shells

    Thank you. I wonder how long it will take for my recovery from keto/LCHF. What is bizarre is the most recommended diet for those with Hashimoto's and hypothyroidism is keto/paleo.

  • Ancapistan Will RIse

    Real carnivores also synthesize their own vitamin C. Since humans don't really do this, it's pretty obvious we're probably not meant to eat carnivorous diets for extended periods of time. Linus Pauling's research into vitamin C is crucial, and this isn't a nutrient you want to skip on. Nice video.

  • Holdem17

    Danny, love the video. Somewhere I read a blog post about blood sugar crashes and obesity. The author said that everyone talks about blood sugar spikes, but not the lows. He speculated that running low during the day might prompt someone to eat, and unfortunately they might turn to fried foods etc. This resonated with me, as I speculate that people with a "sweet tooth" are really just under eating carbohydrate. Over the years I've tried low carb diets, coupled with diet cokes, only to feel cold, with dry skin and have no libido. Do you think sugar, isolated from fat, is actually thinning, since it prevents binges and keeps thyroid up? Do you agree with Dr. Schwarbein's views on anti stress diets?

  • Benn Bann

    Always a pleasure. Weekly livestreams would be great, we will listen anything, tell us about your week or something, it doesnt have to be anything groundbreaking.

  • Kenneth Greifer

    I like to watch your videos, but unfortunately I can't understand a lot of what you are saying. Maybe you could say technical things and then repeat them with easier words and explanations of what you are saying. After watching this video, I think you said too much protein and cholesterol is bad and too little calcium is bad. That is pretty much what I understood. The technical discussion is important, I just hope you could make an addition to the videos with simpler explanations too especially about what it means about diet, if possible.

  • Winter time

    Hey Danny good to see your back, looks like new gear as well! I Too play guitar in bands mostly cover bands, and teach full time, I did it all diet wise such as you did, I tortured my poor body with zero carbs as well and started Peating fall of 2015, many things have improved , still dealing with a certain amount of fatigue at times , but am aware of certain biomarkers that may attribute to this such as stress and not enough calories, great video, we need more!

  • Vins7 CV

    Hi Danny.

    I discovered your channel a few months ago and although I am Spanish and my English is not very good, I have seen many of your videos that have subtitles in English.

    I find the vision of metabolism that you share with Ray Peat very interesting, but it is contradictory with the idea of ​​having a good microbiota and therefore a healthy intestine (the amount of sugars).

    I have the clear symptoms of metabolic stress or stopped metabolism (low temperature, always cold extremities, low energy) and I have just discovered that I have overgrowth of candida (bad digestion).

    Under your experience, is this dysbiosis caused by a bad metabolism or is it the bad metabolism that leads to dysbiosis? it is assumed that candida overgrowth is what creates this, but I don't know what to think.

    This situation is desperate, because I have to restric some sugars and checar meals and It's stressing. I wish one day you could talk about the microbiota, candida, etc.

    Thanks in advance friend and sorry for writing so much.

  • Ten Parsecs

    Danny! Really appreciate your work. I have only recently (as of the past couple of months) discovered your content and Peat's ideas, and at the age of 18 and having studied sciences up until this point (college in the UK), I'm probably changing my career path in the direction of biochemistry in order to hopefully continue the work in Ray's direction in the future, as a result. So thank you so much for the videos and being part of that inspiration. Keep it up!

  • flyguyty33

    Please do a video on secondary hypogonadism (low t) for younger men. I’m on my second year of weekly T injections and wish I could stimulate pituitary gland to produce LH naturally without relying on T injections the rest of my life. Only 31 years old.
    Thanks for all the content and clarity on Ray Peat’s work!

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