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Carnivore diet blood test results are few and far between. Especially long term. Not that one year on the carnivore diet is long term, but it is something.

I wish I had taken a blood test before going carnivore, but I will take additional ones after this one. The reason why I never took one is because…well…I had not clue eating zero carb would lead me this far.

For the record, I am forty years old, 175lbs and almost 6 feet tall. I took my blood test after an 18 hour fast, and unfortunately, it turns out I was battling some kind of an infection/cold, as the symptoms thereof surfaced the next day after the test. I’m also dealing with some inflammation from an injury, another factor that must be considered here.

Not surprisingly, my LDL cholesterol is “high”. And? In light of my VLDL and triglycerides being low, while my HDL being high, I’m not worried about it.

Something that may be of concern, is my C-reactive protein level of 2.5. But, at this point, it cannot be considered chronic inflammation, even though the level isn’t high technically, as it is likely related to my infection and/or injury.

Last thing to keep in mind that a blood test is just a snapshot in time and not an indicator of any chronic condition. Thus, there will be a follow-up test, maybe with some other markers, if any of you watching are interested.

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  • Swiss Lady Driver

    There's nothing wrong with your CBC and there's no error. The normal reference range varies from lab to lab depending upon the patient population. You shouldn't worry about things that are a bit higher or lower than the reference range, especially things like MPV. It's insignificant. C Reactive protein is an acute phase reactant and you shouldn't be trying to change that either, it just shows that your body is reacting to something. In other words, it's working normally.

  • Mark Grisham

    Blood tests are a double edged sword. Yes, when you got a health problem, it can give you some information about what's going on.

    On the other hand, it often raises more questions or even concerns when – quite frankly – there shouldn't be any. CRP in your case definitely being one of them. And LDL… well… we know that is completely the opposite of what is being told to us, don't we… 😉

    With the exception of a severe injury, I personally will never ever enter a doctor's office again, not if I can help it. And I haven't been for years.

  • Vandalism oV Veganism

    Great video. Hey , apparently Frank tufano is watching your content. He plagiarized what you said about how you would protest a vegan event word for word in is latest upload. He also had my comments disabled on a video I did of him.

  • Miss Tree

    Blood tests aren't great measure of health overall .. B12 requires about 6 different tests to really check how you are doing and even they might not get a realistic picture . You look good tho 🙂

  • kjmalone17

    A good resource for LDL is Dave Feldman. His research says it doesn’t matter what your LDL is as long as your Trigs are low and your HDL high which obviously you meet. Let the sugar burners have their low HDL, higher Trigs and oxidized LDL

  • Tamara P

    Great lipid panel! Have you ever checked out Dave Felman's site (Lean Mass Hyper Responder)…Almost everyone there has numbers of Total and LDL cholesterol that are even MUCH higher… Good site to feel wonderfully normal and also there are ways to manipulate the lipid panel tests if you need to for say…a job, or insurance.

  • xxdragan1969

    Hey carneval,I know you are on farm and as i have also done for last 20 years.Consider that fungal infection is your culprit.I went thru hell last winter ,as i discovered that i live in a sick house,many strains of mold included…..My barn and i would suspect yours is normally loaded with aspergillus ,etc…You remember back when they used to say "farmers lung"? Also grains are loaded with fungal mycotoxins and don't forget most of our animals get some of this too…Anyways,there is way too much info to get into in 1 comment,but i will gladly discuss this further with you and share resources if you are interested….Mycotoxins are a HUGE problem and very overlooked by most(why i feel meat diets are working in large part)….take ez

  • Kegeshook

    Your numbers look good. Your 18 hour fast was longer than recommended and may have resulted in higher cholesterol numbers. I would consider a glucose level of 97 mg/dl a little high. Not that long ago, I would be nervous if my LDL-C was over 200. Perhaps, I would still be a little concerned. It takes a while to wash residue thinking from the mind. Two of my co-workers have elevated LDL-C. One of them is in the 200s while the other has numbers so high that statins are not considered helpful to him, He takes a pill of I don't know what every so often. I don't recall if it's monthly or less often. He's thirty years old and in supreme physical condition. High cholesterol is something that he gets from his father's side. I asked him if anyone in his family has ever had a heart attack or heart disease and he only knew of an Uncle or Great Uncle on his mother's side. I'm going to try to get a break down of his numbers. Yours look very decent. Your Triglycerides to HDL-C ratio is phenomenal. Anything under 2 is considered ideal. You are at 0.57.

  • G33k

    If you want to lower your ldl score just lift weights before the test. Your body will suck up all that cholesterol to repair the muscle cells. Temporarily lowering the score.

  • Kellye Raiborn

    You really can't go by just one blood test, I would get at least one more maybe a third if you can swing it. I had to 3 tests done . Some markers can be high or low but you really need an average to get a real result.

  • Nine7Three

    Very similar lipid panel to mine. I had a little higher cholesterol. My LDL 211 – HDL 74 – vLDL 19 Triglycerides 55 – CRP Less than 1- My blood pressure is 110/64 45 bpm resting. Never felt better, will never stop eating this way. Putting on lean muscle like no one's fucking business, it's crazy.

  • action camera

    indeed cholesterol seems fine. Trig./hdl = 0.5 which is great. Your remnant cholesterol is 16 (total – hdl – ldl) which is also great (see dr berg video about it). I have to agree though with another comment about high blood sugars even if you say you were fasted for 18 hours.

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