Did anyone experience zero appetite in the beginning?


I fasted for two days then started zero carb. I’m on day three now, the last two days I ate a total of around 1200 calories. I should be really hungry right now, but I’m not. I eat around 500 calories, then I’m not interested in food for half a day. I can’t force myself to eat more either, it’s just impossible to swallow the food. It’s a shame, because any potential benefit zc could give me is probably outweighed by the severe caloric restriction.

So far I’ve only eaten ground beef (20/80) and bacon. The bacon was a bit easier to eat.

Did anyone of you also experience having no appetite in the beginning? How long did it last?

I’m 179cm and 68kg, so kinda normal weight. Eventually I’ll run out of fat stores on my body.


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