Getting brains in the netherlands, asking for advice.


A little while ago I posted here that I ordered lambs brains.

I was going to pick them up a week after I ordered them, turns out the butcher forgot to ask the slaughterhouse.

So I waited another week and this morning the butcher told me the brains have to stay in the slaughterhouse due to regulations.


I just googled “buy brains netherlands” and saw that some online butchers do sell them.

This confused me so I looked up the rules and regulations.

What I found is that heads, including brains and eyes, are illegal to take from the slaughterhouse if it’s from sheep, goats and bovines older than 1 year of age. They are considered unfit for human consumption according to the NVWA aka the dutch food safety and quality authority.


So obviously if I want to eat brains and be on the right side of the law, I have to choose brains from lambs, goats or bovines under 1 year of age.


Have any other dutch people here, or people living in the netherlands, successfully obtained brains?


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