Will you get Scurvy on a Carnivore Diet? Bart Kay Returns!

What we cover in this discussion:
– Definitions of oxidation/reduction. General chemistry terms
– Formation of lipid peroxides, roles of endogenous anti-oxidants
– Historical experiments with vitamin C giving and indication of how much we really need.
-G6PD deficiency, implications for vitamin C dosing and consumption of Fava beans
-Evolutionary loss of GULO gene for vitamin C synthesis (bad vs good?).
-Potentially beneficial role for uric acid as a antioxidant in the human body.
-Connections between uric acid and glutathione
-Evidence we can use cold stress/exercise as hormetics, no need for plant molecules for this.
-Where to find Bart/Paul

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  • xxdragan1969

    Hey paul,why no mention of ALCOHOL???Gout and alcohol are synonymous ,and ba-zillions of stories when people drink feet swell up…why are we dodging this critical link to uric acid??Can you explain it away as a good thing when people are swelling like balloons??Maybe next show the two of you could address this???

  • john m

    Have you considered talking to an anthropologist? It seems to me that it is the field with the answers to human nutrition since our goal should surely be to mimic most closely the diet on which we evolved. It would lay a lot of bullshit to rest to finally hear an anthropologist lay out the facts about what humans are supposed to eat. Conventional "wisdom" is that humans are omnivores which doesn't match reality.

  • Cris Barrows

    On a point of discussion podcasts – they are very inefficient for absorbing knowledge – a huge amount of time versus reading a paper. Please don't do more of these. All the good points can be built into a slideshow that is more easy digested, and saves a lot of time.

  • Cris Barrows

    Not sure on the science here, so need some expert help. I started carnivore in 2004. Some years ago I found articles that showed Vit-C was used as a co-factor for the conversion of readily available proline and lyseine to the less common hydroxyproline and hydroxylyseine – needed for the completion of collagen. Hence the assumed necessity of vit-c. However, it was also shown that fresh meat/fish contain hydroxyproline and hydroxylyseine, which can be used to complete the collagen process, and hence bypasses the need for vit-c. That would nicely explain why vit-c is not needed by us as carnivores. It was also interesting that nearly every animal species on the planet can convert glucose into vit-c – the molecules are almost identical. I follow the podcast point that evolution selected for us not to need this conversion – further suggests that vit-c is not needed entirely. I don't think the argument that meat contains some vit-c is the correct answer, but more that we simply do not need it at all. Another article also showed that vit-c is re-cycled to some extent, which would explain why we would need so little, if we did need it. I didn't keep the article references.

  • Lauren

    Oh man, I used to be one of those people taking the 1 gram of vitamin C supplement per day, because I thought they were sour and tasty, until I realized it was giving me stabby bladder pains. I didn't need to know why exactly, I just made the connection and quit. But now I realize it was probably because of oxalate crystals!

  • Lauren

    Wow! You are awesome Paul. I would love to see a debate between you and Dr. Rhonda Patrick discussing whatever ya'll want to discuss. I think it would be SO INTERESTING.

  • Lynn Hardy

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  • The God Named Loves

    Just remember every animal product talked about here is linked to multiple cancers. Heart disease and atherosclerosis and many more causes of death. Don't go on a carnivore diet if you care about your health at all.

  • Aydn of Astro-Action

    This is the real deal, people. Best thing on YouTube. I would like to mention, so many are getting their C from the Emergen-C packets. That have 1000 mg of C, but also and equal about of sugar! So if glucose blocks the absorption of C… wtf? It’s canceling out any way, in theory.

    Also, imagine the amount of heat and cold stress we used to have before the advent of modern technology. It looks like we replaced that stress with plant stressors.

  • Bob m

    Also check out dr. Levi on numerous youtube lectures and interviews ( ascorbic acid taken correctly, especially intravenous, kills 90% + of all pathogens whether viral of bacterial without any harm to the human body, what else can do that??? )

  • Bob m

    This is first video of dr. Saladino that has disappointed me for the following reasons : sooo theoretical, un-followable and uncheckable unless you are a student of bio chemistry. Two geeks agreeing with each other. Ive been taking 3 grams ascorbic acid twice daily for around 50 years, no probs, AND i follow high dose ( 10 grams per hour ) for any serious infections with great success, better and quicker than antibiotics which damage the gut. Many of my family members and friends do the same with equally good results. Arguably the greatest chemist thru the 20th century was linus paulin, nobel prize winner awarded multiple honours for original work. I would recommend viewers read his papers and the work of dr.saul phd on various vitamin c websites as well as many other experts in the field. I love these two guys promoting carnivore foods which i have adopted, but clinical evidence showing healing efficacy of ascorbic acid protocols as well as tens of thousands of anecdotal examples as well as my own far outweigh this videos content

  • Zoe-Holistic Health

    Brilliant discussion! A friend has high uric acid, type II diabetes and high ferritin. The consultants said there was no correlation between the diabetes and uric acid! However, my studying has shown that where there is excess glucose, the kidney will preference that over uric acid, in the elimination process. All of the above indicates to me that this person has high oxidative stress. As for raising glutathione (can this be tested?), do you recommend NAC as a supplement. I am concerned about eating too much meat in this individual due to the abnormally high ferritin (around 500)….but again, is this due to oxidative stress in the liver (again doctors deny this and say it is probably genetic)!? Would love your thoughts……

  • Marco

    Paul I asked the same to Bart in his copy video, don't we need once in a while to eat some starches and few veggies to get out of the ketosis + high cortisol/gluconeogenesis cycle? Primal tribes thrive on meats but they don't avoid roots and starches when available. Thank you!

  • Naga Raj

    Can't we eat fruits and meat. Fruit is nutritious and doesn't contain like anti nutrients and too much fiber in veggies. I think fruits can be added bcoz any hunter would have had access to both meat and wild fruits. Pls clarify

  • TheRealThing

    No but you just won't live as long as Vegans.. New study says Vegans will live the longest & have higher levels of Omega 3's in their bodies! HAHA! You are so wrong as usual @t

  • Fake news, Fake food, Fake world

    Everything you see exist in a delicate balance as kings (Humans) we need
    to understand that balance and respect all creatures from the crawling
    ant to the leaping antelope. When we die our body's become the grass and
    the antelope eat the grass and so we are all connected in the great
    circle of life. Mufassa (The lion King)!

  • illiberal autist

    It makes sense that, given uric acid having an antioxidant effect, the body would produce more uric acid in response to low glutathione status.

    Very interesting.

    Could it be that this situation along with lowered potential to clear uric acid (insulin resistance, fructose, etc.) could cause increased circulation of oxidized uric acid which accumulates differently in tissue/joints causing gout?

  • Christian Da Piedade

    Why you still talk about needing excess collagen? Studies on Eskimo's already debunked this, even Shawn Baker and Frank have made videos on this. Are they missing something? This problem isn't observed with carnivores apparently.

  • M M

    Thank you so much for this video. Vitamin C confusion is the only thing that was stopping me to 100% carnivore. Love the way I feel on carnivore diet but every other day I’ll consume something to get my vitamin C (like avocado broccoli) I’m back to being irrational explosive person.

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