Muay Thai Fight- ZC/Carnivore Weight Cut Experience as It Happens. Refuel/ Rehydration/Pre-Fight Question?


I’ll make this quick, I’m a 23 y/o male Muay Thai fighter, my regular diet was always Keto, particularly lately the Dr.Berg style, I lost a little weight leading up to my fight coming on the 12th April. I wasn’t where I wanted to be, 4 days ago I started ZC/Carnivore have eaten 2000 calories a day so steak, eggs, butter and have been experiencing the best weight cut of my career. I have not been using any salt or electrolytes as to not over hydrate this close to a fight but will begin after weigh in. I have lost approximately 5-7 pounds of either fluid, inflammation or gut mass and am looking and feeling the best I’ve ever have this close to a fight, usually I’m a zombie eating less than a 1000 cals of broccoli and chicken. I feel like an animal more energy than the off-season eating ZC with improved mood and clarity I cannot speak of my athletic performance is as strong as workouts are short close to a fight but I sure feel strong with similar If not better output than carbing team mates. I have a question if anyone has competed and rehydrated on ZC I will have to cut about 5 pounds of water considering my wake up weight today was 160 pounds and I am competing at 155 in approx 3 days. That is a minimal and safe amount of hydration to cut in combat sports considering my body water levels are very high at the moment. Usually on fight days I utilize carbs for the 3×3 minutes rounds of explosiveness and for rehydration considering I used to cut 10 pounds of water, but I’d like to minimize the carbs prior to the fight does anyone have any tips or have rehydrated and competed in a weight class combat sport on ZC? What would not hurt my now stellar gut, I feel like fruit or carbs might make me feel bloated my last fight I had major diarrhea when rehydrating using traditional methods.


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