Carb Cycling For Fat Loss For Beginners (CARB CYCLING vs. LOW CARB DIET)

On today’s episode, I’m comparing a low carb diet vs. carb cycling and sharing a beginners guide to carb cycling for fat loss.
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In particular, as a beginner, I’ll be sharing how carb cycling can help maintain your metabolism to get faster fat loss results when in a calorie deficit.

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Low carb diet vs. Carb cycling:
When it comes to weight loss, one of the best ways to lose fat is limiting the amount of carbohydrates you consume.

If you haven’t yet heard about the benefits of carb cycling, it’s a simple nutrition protocol that fluctuates your daily carbohydrate consumption.

This fluctuation can help prevent your metabolism from slowing to a halt, while still getting the fat loss benefits from following a lower carb diet, and being in a calorie deficit at the end of the week.

How many carbohydrates for fat loss?
This depends on many factors including:
– body composition
– activity level
– level of insulin resistance

Typically 350-1,050 grams of carbohydrates per week is best for fat loss.

Note: that is per week, not per day.

Option #1: spread your carbohydrate consumption evenly per day

To accomplish this, you’d simply divide the weekly number of grams of carbohydrates by 7 to get your daily amount.

For example:

Lower end: 350g of carbs / 7 days = 50g of carbs per day

This lower end of carbohydrate consumption would be for people with a higher body fat percentage, less active, thus having a higher level of insulin resistance.

Higher end: 1,050g of carbs / 7 days = 150g of carbs per day

This higher end of carbohydrate consumption would be for people with a lower body fat percentage, actively working out, thus having a lower level of insulin resistance.

Option #2: What is carb cycling?
Carb cycling for fat loss is an approach that strategically schedules your carbohydrate consumption amounts through the week to maintain your metabolism and avoid fat loss plateaus.

As you know, if you’re in a calorie deficit that is too much or for too long, your metabolism can slow down.

Carb cycling is an excellent nutrition protocol to help maintain your metabolism while in a calorie deficit.

Carb cycling is based on:
low carb days (50 grams or less)
medium carb days (50-100 grams)
high carb days (100-150 grams)

Of course, if you’re already lean pretty lean, and are very active, but just have a few pounds of stubborn body fat to burn off, you could increase your high carb day up to 300 grams of carbs.

Not only do the high carbohydrate days help maintain your metabolism while you’re in a calorie deficit, they’ll also help mentally as they can act as a much needed “re-feed” or cheat meal where the carbohydrate consumption is increased.

How to calculate carbohydate macros while carb cycling
There are various carb cycling approaches that you can follow.

Carb cycling option #1: one weekly very high carbohydrate re-feed day

Day 1: low carb day
Day 2: low carb day
Day 3: medium carb day
Day 4: low carb day
Day 5: low carb day
Day 6: high carb day
Day 7: low carb day

Carb cycling option #2:
Essentially a moderately higher carb day every 3-4 days, spread between low carb and medium carb days.

Day 1: low carb day
Day 2: medium carb day
Day 3: low carb day
Day 4: higher carb day
Day 5: low carb day
Day 6: medium carb day
Day 7: higher carb day

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  • maschinenraum

    what you are telling about a low carb diet is practically wrong. it is satiating and i usually don't have much hunger. but if you are brainwashed with the calorie logic then you probably will do it wrong and then you will be hungry.
    when you talk about 50 to 150g of carbs per day that is a typical standard american diet or weight watchers. not something that i want to follow.
    i am thinking /researching about carb cycling but not in the way you are proposing it.

  • Jeremie Jay

    Carb cycling question. I work nights and go to the gym in the morning as soon as I get out of work on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays but then go right to bed. Also I go hiking or some other physical activity with family on sundays which is on my day off. Would I go high carb during the nights leading into gym mornings or high carbs once I wake up on those days?

  • Karina Kristensen

    OH SHIET LOOK AT THIS! The same guy who said that bread, pasta, rice, legumes and beans are bad for you is now saying something else!!! This guy is a joke, don't follow this youtube channel, check out his video from 5 years ago called "how to lose fat" or something.

  • GueyshArt

    Yall are so great! I feel like you should get more views! Maybe more vlogs?! what we eat in a day, food hauls, fitness monthly favorites, I always curious about what your favs are especially with sneakers! Would love to know how to choose sneakers for jogging to minimum knee pain? This would be cool to see 🙂 Love from Texas 😀

  • Panthera Pardus

    What do you recommend for a person like myself, that has chronic lower back pain, that can't kill it at the gym every day? I used to be able to but …. ;-( Walking and some light weights is what I do. I am not lean but not huge either.

  • Kristal Brandon

    I have recently seen another video elsewhere that mentioned when you drop your carbs for the day you will need to increase your fats to make up for the calories. So just in case I am not clear…if you are on a 1200 calorie diet and on a high carb day you are taking in 150g (600 calories) of carbs if you have a low carb day of 50g (200 calories) then on the low carb day you will need to fill those 400 calories (44g) with healthy fats instead. Does my example make sense?

  • Kayla Ramos

    thanks for this video! I've been vegan for 5 months now and lost 40 pounds and I thought about adding a keto approach to it to lose the last 10 pounds but I've been scared I'll get sickly or lethargic with this combo. today I had a small bowl of steel cut oatmeal and felt guilty about the carbs even though oatmeal is pretty healthy loll. that bowl of oatmeal was almost my whole days worth of carbs and that's with nothing added!!! its extremely hard to keep carbs under 50G. per day! im glad I found your video about carb cycling because personally I don't think I could do a keto diet 100% of the time. I need a little extra carbs especially during my high cardio days and I also love FRUIT!!!. can you do a video on keto vegan that's sensible and still including all nutrients to stay healthy? I heard that you will throw yourself out of ketosis if you have a high carb day?

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