The only negative that I had from this zerocarb diet, diarrhea; among the incredible emotional, cognitive, physical- life affirming benefits, has ceased- 6 weeks in (beef, salt, water, drugs)! My digestion is great now, despite anything I throw at it, liquid fat, coffee, phenibut.


I started ketoing, beef and broccoli, 8 weeks ago; I cut out the broc 6 weeks ago. I used to be bad with my digestion, starting this diet; but within the last week ey, I think my digestion has adapted. That is, I now only toilet once every 3 days; with serene comfort..

Even sinning, with coffee- and phenibut, phenylpiracetam, what not, I’m good.

I’m subsisting only on ground beef and hook darkened tallow. I sometimes microwave it, to render more of the fat; but I am lower on fat than I want to be ( help D: )

this shit’s been life saving, I just fucking can not believe it, and hey I figured if the digestion would be a tradeoff, then all the power to that, but gods I’m also given this too? I owe this woe, life.


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