Just wanted to say you can thrive on pork too.


I’m from EU and beef is very expensive here, I really can only afford it a few times a month so I pretty much eat pork everyday.

My diet consists of eggs, cheese, pork, and chorizos.
I supplement with cod liver oil because of omega 3 (pork is high on omega 6) and vitamin A since I can’t stand the taste of liver.

I have the mental clarity, the consistent energy, my digestion is amazing, and i’m never hungry, I can say I pretty much have the same benefits as all of you but on pork.

The reason i’m making this post is because I know some people can get discouraged because they think this woe can be really expensive, and it can, but it also works on the cheaper side.

“Eat the meat you enjoy and can afford” is very true and I stand by it.


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