Dot's Carnivore Challenge

This week, I’m all about the Carnivore Diet. My husband and I are trying it, based on some encouraging information we’ve read and seen. Have a look at the channels below for some great, in-depth information on it — that’s what we’re doing 🙂

Oh, and YES, we’re still making cooking videos during this time.

Thanks for watching!
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  • Arzu Erdem

    Have you ever considered food sensitivity blood test? I have done it and I was very surprised by the result. It is very hard to to the elimination diet and try to find out what type of nutrition good for you. I had massive bloating issues, inflammation etc. Then I realized everybody ages and metabolizes food differently. It feels like whole world is eating bagels, cheese, milk, butter, eggs, almonds. It gets frustrating but I do what I got to do. I wish you best of luck with your health journey.

  • deborah bailey

    Dot, I too am doing a two week challenge from healthy keto to carni to rev up my weight loss. Was at a stall x 3 mos. 5 day in and I've lost 3 more lbs, this is soo exciting!! Keep us posted!! Happy first your husband's improved health!!

  • Penny Nagy


  • Beth Banderton

    I'd of tried it but I don't eat meat lol Hope you all had a great Christmas. Mine didn't get off to a good start as my man suffered a heart attack and had to have stents put it but on the mend now x

  • Palmira Radilla

    Im starting carnivore next week ,is nice to hear that is working for you ,hope same happen to me, I normally have either a bulletproof coffee to break my 16 hrs fast ,now just recently started drinking zevia energy drink in the morning and I can go until lunch without eating that put me 8n a 15-17 hrs fasting ,do you think I'll get the same benefits from the carnivore diet if I still drink it ?

  • SusieMoss

    Looking forward to your updates. Thank you so much. Keto 17 months down 108 lbs. 2.4 away from goal. Loving this journey and how well I feel. 40th wedding anniversary in August, we are planning a trip to the Oregon coast.

  • Cathy Dillehay

    I think I would like to try this. I wish my husband would do Keto as well, but…nope. It is just a little harder by myself as we have date night on Fridays. Thanks for the info, it inspires me.

  • Diona Treitler

    I love your video. I can't kick the sweets. I have thought about going carnivore to help with it just haven't.
    Please do videos of what you eat in a day/week and grocery hauls.
    Thanks SO much!

  • Joyce Dunn

    Loved your video! Last month I did carnivore till 4 and was very successful in losing 10 lbs, but when it got close to the holidays and too many temptations I stopped with the plan. But back on Keto now and was thinking about doing that again. Good luck to you! Can’t wait to see how it goes!

  • Harrrgh

    I need to try it too cause I haven't had that great feeling of appetite suppressant since I first tried keto and I need it. Btw, I've been binge watching your recipes over the past week but I'll have to put those aside cause I'm going to try carnivore. Your thumbnail scared me even though I love tigers (majestic animal).

  • Falcon Trek

    I’ve tried to do 100% carnivores for January but I’ve had a few setbacks already and it’s only 8 days. I have kept it keto friendly. I’ve found the same thing, not hungry for anything.

  • Anne Soper

    Best of luck with your diet. I have always wondered about how Eskimos survived on an all protein and fat diet, yet they do. I am thinking there's a lesson to be learned.

  • Michelle Saavedra

    I never knew it was an option. I might down the road. Does it shock your system if you hit a plateau during Atkins or whatever low carb diet you are on? I love meat but have found one of my favorite go to meals is a taco salad minus the taco shell, so I need a bit of veggies and dairy. To me now, the cheese and bit of salsa are enough to calm my sweets cravings. Look forward to seeing you and your husband success at the end of the month.

  • Warren Beers

    Great video and love your channel. I'm currently on Keto and had watched some very interesting YouTube videos about Carnivore…not just with weight loss, but particularly with curing autoimmune issues…Dr. Jordan Peterson, his wife and in particular his daughter are fascinating examples…interviewed by Joe Rogan on YouTube. Anyway, good luck and Happy New Year.

  • Karen Courtney

    Dot could you talk about maybe any symptoms that you may notice that you don't have any longer? I have been kept for about a year and a half but still have some pain in joints, etc. Would love to know what you've noticed if anything.

  • Chris Sarti

    Carnivore really helped me as well. I have several hernias and the gas and bloating was curtailing most of my daily activities. I have low stomach acid as well. I had had three UTIs in 9 months with three rounds of antibiotics and ended up with SIBO. I added some other supplements to my diet and stuck with carnivore for about three months and I began to feel much better – less bloating and cramping. I lost about 18 pounds in the three months. My fasting glucose also dropped down into the "normal" range for the first time in over 30 years. I have been reintroducing very low carb veggies and my system is tolerating them very well. Hope your journey yields many positive results as well.

  • Ana Perry

    My family did it last year for 30 days, I couldn't wait to get back to keto. We're starting again today for 1-2 weeks for elimination purpose. I'll be doing dairy since I know it wasn't a problem. I'm still not doing coffee. Last time I reintroduced foods too quickly so I don't know what's causing inflammation. I'm looking foreword to seeing how y'all do with this

  • Patty LeVasseur

    dot maybe instead of buy grd beef you may be able to get meats cheaper if you buy a whole side of animal and have it pkgd and invest in a grinder ;];];] just an idea oh and get a freezer to hold it all;];];] save you from going to the grocery store ever wk or so;];];] have you considered venisons? like elk moose deer that may help also in the costs;];];] maybe chk out some "wild" meats videos.. reciepes;];];] good luck;];];];]

  • Linda Fowler

    I don’t like chicken unless in chicken salad. I don’t like pork (except bacon and ribs) unless I cook it with sauerkraut. Beef is okay. I do like fish. I don’t eat potatoes, pasta, bread, starchy vegetables or rice because I am a diabetic and those foods spike my blood glucose to 150-180’s and 120’s in the morning. It is usually in the 80’s or 90’s fasting.

  • Kimcol D

    Hi Dot. I finished WOBO (week of burger only) yesterday. I weighed and measured the day I started and again this morning. lost 8.8 pounds and about 4 inches overall (not sure if I trust my measuring skills lol); I can see a difference in the way my clothes fit. Wishing you and hubby a good experience with carnivore.

  • keto Mama

    My husband and I did carnivore for three weeks last year and we liked it I didn't lose weight but lost fat and he lost a lot of fat and had a really gained a lot of strength we're planning on doing 1 month this year I would stay on it all the time if I could afford it it gets pretty expensive I also did do 10-day fast last year my longest one so far good luck

  • Tamson Darland

    Would love to watch a video done on your daily meals on full carnivore. My main concern would be the other nutrients our body uses for each system in our body. And how we would get those for our body just eating carnivore. Love Tamson.

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