If Fasting Is So Great, Then Why Are You Still Fat?

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“If we all did what we knew we should do, we’d all be billionaires with six packs.”

I feel like I say that quote way more often than I should. And it’s not like I’m some perfect human who has every area of my life together. If I was then I would be a billionaire with a six pack.

But one area that I’m qualified to speak on is fitness and the “discipline” involved in fasting, working out at the gym, and making sure I eat healthy foods. Whether or not it’s discipline or it just comes from some other reason is debatable, but the point is that if you’re untrained and unfit, then you’re going to have to use discipline to get your Snake Diet journey started.

People like to prolong their misery by not doing anything about their problems. I do this too, but just not with fitness. I know all about the fasting benefits and could write a guide to fasting if I had to. But for those of you who have tried and failed on a ketogenic diet, a water fast, or intermittent fasting, it’s because you’re not fully 100% committed to achieving your goals.

Anyway, just watch the video.

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  • Jenny Jones

    Fasting is life. Love the snake diet/Cole Robinson. Cured my skin and hemorrhoids, lost 20 lbs in a month just doing 48's once a week and OMAD on the other days. Snake juice makes all the difference. Hunger is psychological.

  • DeZ'Ree

    Obviously you aren't familiar with the mind of a food addict.
    It's so easy to say, "JUST STOP EATING" rrriiiggghhhhttt….
    It's a mental thing what we go through with food.

  • Maria Niininen

    This was a bit too provocative. I felt judged, even though I have water fasted for 21 days and have no real problems. I eat clean and have been healthy all my life. Still felt that you were mean. Probably didn't mean to but.. Oh and a person might be over weight even though they fast and eat clean. There are many factors to take into consideration.

  • James Woods

    Snake Diet, intermittent fasting, and omad are by far the magic pill. As long as the food industry and doctors push 5 to 6 meals a day not every one is going to wake up. I fell for that trap and ate how my nutritionist told me to eat and stayed fat for over 10 years. Once I started keto and intermittent fasting I lost weight. Once I started omad I lost even more weight. When I incorporated prolonged fasting I dropped even more body fat. I came off of high blood pressure pills, I am no longer pre-diabetic, and I feel wonderful. We just need to keep sharing our stories, and hopefully more and more people will wake up.

  • Larzy B

    Love it! No need to excuse yourself by saying 'not trying to be a jerk'. Why have we trained people who tell the truth to think that equates to being a jerk? Maybe if you were just trashing people without helping them, that would be jerkish. But this is different. You're giving people the truth and the tools to fix themselves. Keep the truth flowing gorgeous!!

  • Eman Puedama

    It may be simple in one way, but it seems complex in another. For example, I'm on day 10 of a 40 day "water fast", but I'm not sure whether to include black coffee – though, for the last 3 days, I have been anyway.
    I know Cole doesn't recommend it, but he suggests shorter fasts interspersed with refeeding meals. When I looked for information as to whether black coffee would 'break' a longer fast, the results seem inconclusive. One guy, Dr Sajit Panda said that because the liver would process the coffee, it would end the fast. He also suggested it would interrupt autophagy. However, he seems to be mainly talking about intermittent fasting and the importance of aligning your feeding windows with the circadian rhythm. I don't think this would apply to longer fasts, even if he's right.

    Another doctor, Dr. Guido Kroemer, says that coffee actually increases autophagy – and apparently, it's the polyphenols in coffee that does it, not the caffeine. In an interview with Dr Rhonda Patrick, even Dr Sajit Panda conceded that coffee seemed to induce autophagy and there are so many variables and so little's known, that it's hard to reach a definitive conclusion.
    I'm about 50 pounds overweight going by my height, and I'm just slightly more interested in the benefits of fasting-induced autophagy than I am in weight loss. I'm also interested in increasing my mitochondria, and hence my energy levels. I'm not entirely sure if that's directly tied to autophagy, or a slightly different thing. I assume there's a relationship though.

    Regarding that, I'm not sure if the 40 day fast is the right approach – though I have decided on that one, and I'm going to see it through. What I mean is, that the Siim guy seems to recommend refeeding as part of a fasting protocol to boost mitochondria – However, he might just be saying that with prolonged fasts, you won't see the benefits of fasting to boost mitochondrial function until you stop, and I can live with that.

    Finally, there's Alan Goldhamer D. C. (whatever that means) who is very anti-black coffee on fasts – However, he doesn't give a reason, and I suspect it's just out of some kind of 'health puritanism' – and I'd say the same thing about Cole's attitude to coffee because he doesn't give a reason either, apart from his assertion that pussies drink coffee. On that note, I also remember him saying that cavemen didn't drink coffee, and I thought 'how does he know?'. I'd have thought that the past would be very much like the present in that different 'primitive' people around the world would have been ingesting all kinds of different things depending on their location. Are amazonian tribes pussies for chewing coca leaves?

    Unlike others, Goldhamer says that the deep healing benefits of autophagy only kick in after a long period of fasting – and I wonder whether if he does have a legitimate objection to drinking black coffee in a fast it might be that it would activate liver enzymes, and 'break' the fast – as Dr Sajit Panda suggests. In any case, it didn't say that, and also, from reading Reddit forums I get the impression that the process of autophagy isn't so black and white in that, like ketogenesis, something minor might 'kick you out of it' for a while, but you'd quickly go back into it. I don't know if the two things are analogous in that way, but it seems to make sense.

    Anyway, I would like to lose weight definitely, but as I say, my main goal is to have more energy because I have been feeling very tired. I also want to be more mentally sharp- and coffee seems to have some long-term benefits in that direction. It also enables me to be more active on my fast – which, as well as enabling me to do the things I have to do, also means more calories burnt. I also actually enjoy moderate exercise on the fast, such as walking (if the weather's nice). Basically it comes down to whether the apparent benefits of drinking black coffee outweigh the possible negatives. Frankly, now I've put it like that, it seems a bit of a no-brainer because 'apparent' has to outweight 'possible' – So in a way, I think it is simple after all.

    After the fast, I intend to go on a low cal diet of oats, milk and bananas made into a shake in the morning, with a sandwich at lunch, and green veg and beans in the evening. I remember doing while I was working a physical job, and, as well as weight loss, I had a huge boost in energy after a while – which I now realise was down to improving mitochondrial function by forcing them to become more efficient. After a while I might eat more protein and build more muscle. In any event, I'll start fasting again – but for much shorter periods – at least for a good long while.

    I know this has been an absurdly long comment, and thanks if you bothered to read it all. My overall conclusion is the pretty obvious one that when you have apparently conflicting information you just to have do a little bit of digging and assess what does and doesn't apply to you. I think one reason Medicine is so apparently full of contradictions is that something can be good in one context, but bad in another – another reason is institutional bias and inertia of course, but that doesn't seem to apply so much here. Finally, finally, even if black coffee is to avoided at all costs, it's better to do something 'sub-optimal' than not do anything at all.

  • Lisa S From Ohio

    I have been doing OMAD for over a week. It’s been easy for me. I wasn’t overweight, but I have lost weight. I feel really good. My only problem if I don’t keep really super hydrated I get a little impatient, irritated easily. I don’t like that part of it.

  • Rita Maybank

    You are so right about fasting. Fastiing helps heal everything it's not EZ .But can be done. Through fasting and praying it's very powerful. Keep speaking out loud. God bless you and your family and friends.

  • Mark Coughlan

    Hey man I'm a fat ass. At only 6ft tall I weigh 260lbs . I used to be an even bigger 330lbs but I still have around 75-80lbs I need to get rid of . I have 2 questions regarding prolonged fasting 1. Any tips of how to get sleep when your fasting hard? During a prolonged fast corsitol will be up and getting to sleep can be difficult 2. Should fat people just do steady state cardio for exercise until the fat is gone and then start weighttraining because I have read that some amount of protein is important to get in at some stage during the day to repair your muscles if your training intensely

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