Day 23 Carnivore Diet Experiment 🦁

Day 23 Carnivore Diet Experiment 🦁

I’ll be doing short Facebook live video updates everyday on my progress & thoughts each day on my carnivore diet experiment for Jan 2018 #worldcarnivoremonth

Today’s update is how I had a big tasty rump steak and a small feeding window today which contributed to the increase in ketone levels in me, plus my question on protein supplements and if you take them and how real food protein sources are the best from the BBC documentary I watched today for lean muscle mass.

Ref to BBC “Are We Addicted to Protein” short documentary: https://youtu.be/sxy6mYW94ws?t=23m21s

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• http://www.biohackerslab.com/carnivore-training-system-review/
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  • Rayna Quigs

    maybe the body builder was just eating high oxalate foods like spinach. there are a lot of factors to know.
    my husband uses whey protein just to make some really high fat shakes with oil. he eats very low carb diet and has a lot of trouble keeping body weight with just meals. he doesn't have time to eat a big meal during the day so relies on breakfast and dinner, is active all day, and I don't know how he'd maintain his weight without the shakes. I hope that the low carb is a good protective effect, cutting out wheath, corn, potatoes, of course sugar, all high-lectin and high-oxalate vegetables. He seems healthy and eating that way stopped him from having joint pain.

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