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  • BeakerTheVegan

    I likewise have met very many vegans who are in it for the ethics, and not a single one has ever lamented about their diet. I have met all sorts, from slender vegans, to muscular vegans, and even overweight vegans.

  • thatisSpiffy

    Drewmorg´s influence over these ex-vegans is toxic. He has for months been in Tim Shieff's ear trying to orchestrate anti-vegan hate and synchronized 'coming out' stories and rehearsed monologues about the magic of consuming animals. The poor lost soul doesn't care about animals, nor does he care about humans or science. He is lashing out all over social media trying to seem relevant by doing an interview with his girlfriend Alise, that was completely biasad since he wrote all the questions with a specific agenda in mind, and rehearsed the questions/answers with her. Then he attacks people in comments and lets them know he doesn't care about animal lives. Why did he ever go 'vegan' then? He is not the full cutlery set that's for sure, and needs to be called out for all the damage he is doing.

  • Eelke Aptroot

    Yeah, well in the defence of people who want to ignore science, it does involve a lot of hard words, numbers, graphs and tables, so yeah taking a caked up 20-something-year-old vlogger's anecdotal experience/evidence is a lot easier.

  • Kim Le

    Although I am vegan, if we look at history, we have shown that we ate mostly plants and little animal foods, such as the occasional egg we may find in nest or grubs etc.. If we look at the Okinawans, who are the longest living and healthiest civilization, there diet consist of less then 1% animal foods. So it's is completely 100% possible, if not optimal to eat a plant based diet.
    So it is 100% possible to eat a complete plant based diet since the human body has been exposed to this diet for centuries. The question is whether or not we need just a little helping hand from animals, such as the occasional egg to stop us from craving or failing on a plant based diet? I think it is completely possible to thrive off only plants with the little helping hand of a supplement. But what about those who arnt eating this way for ethics or have a hard time converting certain nutrients as a adverse effect of being raised on mostly meat and relying on the preformed versions? A plant based diet with small amounts of animal would be the way to go! In saying that, we as vegans need to be more open, accepting, promoting and encouraging of those who choose this way of living, since it is still cutting down the amount of destruction to our planet and the torture of sentient beings.

  • Slightly Vegan

    Jackson & Jay,
    The science has been around for a long time now showing that LDL and dietary saturated fat is not the whole picture, nor best predictor of CHD. For the longest time (see Framingham risk calculator, and other pooled-risk ASCVD risk calculators), scientists have found that the TC/HDL ratio (or even better, the apoB/apoA ratio) is a better predictor than LDL alone. So, you'll see studies where the 2-D analysis of {LDL tertiles} x {HDL tertiles} show the high-LDL-high-HDL group (best) has significantly lower CVD risk than the high-LDL-low-HDL (worst) group. And the typical pattern seen when people go from vegan to mixed diets is a slight increase in LDL, but a higher increase in HDL ("good cholesterol"), and a reduction in triglycerides. (There are papers that quantify the effect of this dietary intervention.) . Additionally, once you take out the other CVD risk factors (diabetes, weight, smoking, family history), the LDL to CVD relationship goes away. Also, if you stratify the studies by CAC scores, the LDL to CVD relationship goes away (or is very highly attenuated) in the low-CAC group. Again, this is all old news. Saying "LDL is bad" is an oversimplification that might be good as a PSA, but it's not really the whole picture.

  • Ricardo Costa

    Jay, is really class! I see over and over his videos and his is just absolutely consistent! I am very please that please like him spread the correct word, filterless and crystal clear!
    Thanks guys!

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