Will a keto/carnivore diet mess up women's hormones? A conversation with Jaime Seeman, MD

This is one that I’ve been wanting to do for a while! I’m super excited to share this conversation with Dr. Jaime Seeman with you all. Dr. Seeman is a practicing Ob/Gyn physician in Omaha, Nebraska who is an advocate for a ketogenic diet for her patients. She shares her own story of reversal of insulin resistance and pre-diabetes with a keto diet and her years of clinical experiencing using this way of eating to help women with PCOS, metabolic syndrome, infertility, etc.. In this detailed conversation we break down all things women’s hormones (with lots for the guys too!), from thyroid, to hasimotos, to cortisol, to womens hormones, to pregnancy and lactation. There’s so much misinformation out there about ketogenic and carnivore diets for women, we do our best to clear up the confusion and dispel the myths that these diets are not good for women.

In this episode:

Thyroid hormones, what they are, how they are made – 1:00
Why TSH is not a great test of thyroid hormone function- 3:58
How we should really be testing thyroid function- 15:30
Jamie’s story of reversal of pre-diabetes and insulin resistance- 23:24
Hashimoto’s thyroiditis- 37:49
PCOS, how to fix it!-42:00
Cortisol on a keto diet- 51:00
Women’s hormones, the full breakdown-1:00:00
Pregnancy and lactation, ok on keto?-1:11:00
Where to connect with Dr. Seeman-1:27:16

Dr. Jamie Seeman’s contact info:
website: www.doctorfitandfabulous.com
Website: https://midcityobgyn.com/
Instagram: @doctorfitandfab

Paul Saladino, MD’s contact info:

PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/paulsaladinomd

Instagram: @paulsaladinomd
Website: paulsaladinomd.com
Facebook: Paul Saladino MD
email: paulsaladinomd@gmail.com

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  • Layla Chords

    Wow! What an insightful video. I love that more Dr's, especially woman's health Drs are bringing so much awareness to the carnivore/low carb diet. Keep up the good work Paul!!

  • amt

    I'm on a ketogenic diet and have adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroid but it's due to very high stress over many years. I keep reading that with these issues, one needs to consume carbs. I get confused as to whether I should add more carbs (usually under 20 for a long time now) because somehow the adrenals and thyroid need them. So that premise is false?

  • Brooke Hughes

    Oh my gosh thank you for this! I've been Carnivore for 3 months and this informative chat has really helped me understand how my body physiology is changing, as a woman and a Carnivore. I love all your videos Paul! Also in the future is it possible for you to discuss the cause of initial weight gain on Carnivore? I come from a bulimic/drug addiction past – then 6 months keto (with monthly 5 day prolonged fasts) I'm now Carnivore and LOVING IT but I've gained a significant amount of weight (and fat) ! I was probably 130 prior to Carnivore and now 150. I'm in it for the long haul and hope the weight comes off in time!

  • Paul Falchi

    Great content guys. Very educational. Please don't vilify dairy because most people who experience problems are using pastuerized sugar added garbage. Raw, grass-fed, farm raised, A2A2 dairy should not be conflated with the store bought crap. It's like day and night, unequivocally different.

  • Birgitta Birgersdatter

    I'm menopausal and I have been Carno for the past year. I felt great! For the past two weeks, I have been staying with my sister and travelling with my mum and my diet has included a large amount of carbs. I hadn't really noticed that my hot flushes had abated till they suddenly came back. I might be wrong, but I blame the carbs. I'm back home again and my diet is now back to Carno-normal and I am going to take particular notice of my hot flushes and their frequency.

  • Paco Rodriguez

    PROFESSOR PAUL I swear my daughter's life, every video you make I watch twice and I'm becoming Missouri's most intelligent PERSONAL TRAINER and I am always thankful I really mean it very very thankful for the free education that you offer

  • Zoe-Holistic Health

    Fabulous discussion….on my favourite topic hormones 🙂 I would like you to chat about the Randle Cycle and perhaps being less extreme with the carnivore/ketogenic diet, but eliminating the worst effects of carbohydrates by perhaps always eating them separately from protein/fat and perhaps even on different days, so the body is not constantly in ketosis. I think the reality is most people will LONG TERM find this diet too strict…..so how can the average person mitigate most of the risk from consuming too much carbohydrate the majority of the time as in the SAD diet.

  • Attie’s Mom

    I did keto for 9 or 10 months and ended up w SERIOUS health problems, which I strongly believe were thyroid-related. I became so fatigued, achy and inflamed, I could hardly function and would have to lay down during the day. I also had dull, burning pain in my lower back and on both sides of rib cage. It felt like someone kicked me in the ribs. I'm pretty sure this was something wrong with my organs on the right side, prob gall bladder?…I have never felt a burning like this in my body..

     I am a big eater, but eventually completely lost my appetite, all I craved and could eat were green smoothie bowls, which I usually had every day, maybe twice a day. I believe I was eating way too many oxalates and antinutrients….too much dairy too…I would like to try and get back into ketosis, bc I liked the mental clarity at first, but now I am scared to. I just eat very low carb and when I feel my body going into ketosis, i will eat more carbs.

  • Vaughn Malecki

    It was so horrible for my hormones always being in ketosis and fasting. I think it does have to do with how toxic the last of my body fat is and my body would fight against using my body fat to produce keytones.

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